Sunday, November 30, 2008

Prayers for Ellie

This is Ellie, my first "grand dog". For a while there, I thought she was going to be my only "grand" anything! She belongs to DD and her family and has been a big part of all our lives for the last ten years. I have fond memories of her as a puppy, sliding across our kitchen floor and hitting the fridge with a thud as she learned to walk and stop. That same evening she slid into the swimming pool, we saved her just to have her do it again. She is big and loving, one of those dogs who has NO concept of her size. It is great fun to watch her clear all the goodies off the coffee table with one swipe of her tail.

Ellie somehow managed to get out of the house on Thanksgiving evening. They had a big family gathering with my SIL's family with lots of folks coming and going. DD thought that SIL put the dog out, he thought that she put the dog out, and they went to bed. The next morning they realized that Ellie was gone. Now, much as we love her, Ellie is not very smart, has never known anything but love and kindness so she would follow or approach a stranger or a run in front of a car.

They have listed her on several lost pet websites, went to the pound and canvased the neighborhood. They do live off a major busy street so that is a real fear we have.

If you have a chance in your busy day, send up a prayer that Ellie finds her way home. If she does not, please pray that she is in a spot where she will be loved and cared for the way she has been her whole life. The whole family is hurting but DD is really in pain.........she says she lost one of her children and needs to know that where ever she is, she is not suffering. It's not too much to ask.


Amelia said...

I have sent up a prayer for the safety of this furry baby. I know how much I love my cats...yes, I get so aggravated at them I want to swat their hides and bannish them to the garage forever....but I don't - I just love them.

I know your family is hurting a tremendous amount...and I pray that time is short and Ellie is located safe and sound.

Carol VR said...

This way at least, you can put lost ads in the paper for free... ecen for a small price it may be worth the piece of mind.

My payers are with you, that you find her safe and sound.

Carol VR said...

Please, ignore the major spelling errors in the last post... I've begun to lose it, I suppose.

Teresa said...

Prayers said. Your post touched my heart and I hope by the time you read this, Ellie is safe home.

Beth said...

Norma, You know my dog Rookie went missing last summer. You need to GO to the Animal control every other day or every 3rd day. You might consider sending her picture to the two lab rescues.

I also asked on craigslist for someone who was going to the OTHER pound than I was to watch for my dog..and I, in turn, looked for theirs. I will keep you all and Ellie in my prayers!

Tropical Screamer said...

Ellie and you and your family are in our prayers.

You brought tears to my eyes. We had the blessing of having two labs in our family over the years. I can vividly remember the pups sliding into the refrigerator as well as clearing of the coffee table with those tails.

Please post when Ellie comes home.


Marilynn said...

I'm praying for Ellie to return home safely. Nothing worse than a missing a beloved pet. Let us know when she returns safely.


Granny Lyn said...

All the best prayers for the family and for Ellie!! they really are a member of the family, arent' they?