Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Over The River and Through the Woods................

Not quite, it is more like "Get on the Freeway, to the House in the Middle of Town."

Like millions of American families, we are getting ready to eat more than we ever should in one day, in the name of saying thanks. We are a bountiful nation, and should be giving thanks! I hope that we can all look past the difficult times that are happening, that are coming and enjoy this day as it was intended so long ago.

To everyone out there, my best wishes for a wonderful day with loved ones. I will give thanks for all of you, for what you have contributed to my happiness.

So, what is happening at the "House in the Middle of Town"? First of all, there is the last ditch attempt to get this stupid turkey to THAW. There will only be four of us at the "House in the Middle of Town". This is the year that our daughter and her husband spend Thanksgiving with his family. The great white hunter son #2 and his wife will be here with us, and we will take dinner to our disabled son. If you are wondering why I have a HUGE turkey for five people, well, I believe if you are going to do all this work, might as well make it worth your while. Lots of that turkey and accompanying dressing and gravy will be frozen for quick meals all winter. This Nana isn't dumb...........but why didn't she take that big sucker out of the freezer earlier is the question???

The pies are done and two loaves of bread. I need to do two more loaves so my children can take a loaf home for breakfast toast on Friday. If I don't make extra, DD wil show up on my doorstep before going shopping looking for toast. After a quick trip to the grocery store, I will mix up the next two loaves. I was not going to the grocery store today but.......that is the same story as the turkey not being thawed.

Whatever, I am free to do as I please, just make sure you do not interfere with the Princess's morning/afternoon/all day nap. She is sure I am crazy anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving from the "House in the Middle of Town" to your house, wherever that might be!


Amelia said...

And Happy Thanksgiving right back to you...the lady with the frozen turkey. We are having ham for Thanksgiving and then the Turkey/dressing meal for Christmas.

Just finished making my pumpkin pie. Plus two cranberry salad recipes...they are made the same except one has sugar substitute for Leon and the other is regular sugar for me. Don't think any of the kids will eat it...that is okay we love and will just be more for us.

Have fun tomorrow.

Carol VR said...

I snatched a loaf of bread while I visited...HEHEHE.

Your cat seems to blend right into the couch....FREAKY!!!

Sweetie said...

Hi, I just happened upon your blog and really enjoyed my visit. I don't know anything about web rings but I would consider it their lost.

Katie said...

From a senior citizen mobile home park in FL, wishes are sent back to you for a wonderful happy Thanksgiving. Katie

Teresa said... the smell of baking bread. Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have a fun day.

Jeanne said...

I know I need my eyes checked now. I could have sworn that a doll was stuffed feet first into your turkey cavity until I clicked it to enlarge the photo. I hope your granddog is found safe and soon.