Monday, November 24, 2008

New Schedule and New Project

The great white hunter has worked second shift for the last six years or so. At first it was because that was the job, then because the kids were here during the day, it was a choice because he could spend time with them. He was a lot of help when we were transporting Julia to Kindergarten at one school and Colin to pre school at another. He went one direction and I went the other. But, they are now in school full time and no longer here except to visit, so we have been hoping he could get on day shift. Last week our wish was granted, and we are trying to adjust to a new time schedule and routine. All of a sudden I seem to have lots of time on my hands so hopefully, I will get the creative juice flowing again!

I am such a visual learner. I can read or listen to instructions and sometimes, a curtain falls that seems to block what is being said from getting to the old brain. Try as I like it makes no sense. I had that problem with sewing binding on a quilt when I first started. Then one day, I picked up a magazine in Wallymart and it had detailed pictures, and wow, the clouds opened and the sun shone in. So I love tutorials!

Not only are they a gift from the blogowner/designer to all of us, I know they take a lot of time and thought to make them clear and understandable. It is great though, because it is like you have them right by your side walking you though the process.

This one by PINK PENGUIN is wonderful. Very well done and easy to follow, plus the result is terrific. This make up fast and will make great gifts any time of year.

Being the queen of blanket stitch (a name given to me by my sister), I had to add some around the upper edge. I think I will make a few more for gifts. I am thinking of things to fill them with, maybe a bag of homemade cookies and using them for the few neighborhood gifts we give.

Then. I was thinking how you could use this pattern so many ways......a sweet Easter basket made with Easter print fabric, a Fourth of July napkin basket for your picnic table, a birthday gift basket, baby gift or end of the year teacher gift. Hey, I could do a camouflage one for the great white hunter!! I wonder if I make bigger squares and make it bigger .....?????

Someone, quick, lead me to another tutorial before we have fabric basket mania at our house!


Granny Lyn said...

oh, boy, do I know about visual learning! I could not read my way out of my own kitchen! so I am also a tutorial junkie.

and I also know about mornings alone, and having the juices flow,,,you are going to love it!!

I love those baskets! maybe I can make some for gifts, too, alot of my gifts this year are hand made. thanks for the seed!

ayumills said...

Cute basket!!

jovaliquilts said...

Really is a cute basket. Would be perfect to hold Christmas cards!

Kristie said...

Love your basket! You have such wonderful ideas for them! I had not thought of all of those!

Carol VR said...

I used that pattern for the Halloween it!!!

Amelia said...

Looks great - I am sure you will find many uses for it.