Saturday, December 13, 2008

My great white hunter

Yes, I went to school and yes, I did my homework, hey I even took four years of Latin. (why, who knows, I think it was to keep out of PE!)

I do not capitalize the letters on "great white hunter". Because if I capitalize the letters, it could be ANY Great White Hunter. No caps on the name makes a very special great white hunter............MINE!

I do not post pictures of my family either. There is something about putting pictures of my family on the Internet that makes me very uncomfortable. So, you have to imagine what a lady, who would not put capitals in the name she calls her husband, would look like. Did I mention that I am a little odd in my thinking too????

Thank you all for going along with my "quirks" and coming back to visit now and then.

Speaking of my great white hunter, we got a lovely card from Amelia that was also addressed to the great white hunter. He asked me why it was addressed like that? He had no interest in the blog except that it seems to make me happy. I told him because that was what I called him. He just answered, "Oh". Poor man knows me well enough to just let it go at that.


Amelia said...

Oh Norma, you are so funny.

Purple Pam said...

The great white hunter knows how great he is I bet, even without capital letters. Patrick Lose - whoohoo! I would come to Phoenix for a class, what fun having him so close. Go girl!

Carol VR said...

Great for Amelia. I'd love to do the same but I haven't your address.

Perhaps that's a good thing, I may very well come in person then and NEVER leave...LOL.

Tropical Screamer said...

I capitalize "Dear Husband."

I, too, never post pics of my family or even refer to them by name.

My blog is mine and their privacy belongs to them. And once something is on the Internet it is there forever. I can find posts I made 10 years ago.

All the best and, by the way, you seem perfectly normal to me. LOL.