Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Where have I been? My body has been right here where it always is, my mind, somewhere else. I have no projects, no fun pictures to post so not much blogging from me. I have read my favorite blogs but made no comments, just a weird, funky, into myself mood going on. I promise this too will pass. Please know that I have enjoyed reading and will be back in the groove soon.

Mostly I have been busy trying to put life back into the order it was before we started the Christmas count down. It amazes me the work, enjoyable as it is, and effort, we as humans put into one day, just to have it over in a flash of wrapping paper. Then,there is the undo of all we have done. The inside decorations are down, just need packed up again for storage along with the wrapping paper, etc.

It has been a great holiday season for our family. I am sad to see it end but yet, ready for the every day hum drum life again.

Julia and Colin are coming to spend the night..........their Dad got a overnight babysitting session on New Year's Eve coupon in his stocking! His parents aren't as available to stay with the kids as they were, so nights out are a big treat for him and DD. The great white hunter and I stay in on New Year's anyway, so figured we might as well just enjoy the kids and let them enjoy a night out.

Promise a visit to all my favorite blogs and a nice long post coming soon. Thank you for your great Christmas wishes. Keep safe on this last night of 2008!


Teresa said...

I can join you in that funky mood as I have not been doing much quilting or blogging. I have been reading the blogs though and have enjoyed hearing all the goings on at everyone's home. Maybe next year will be better....

Carol VR said...

I've been soooo busy of late that I've been trying to keep up and have made only a random few comments over the last couple of days.

Thanx for the card and photo.

I am always amazed at the friendships one can development over vast miles through blogging.

You've been a great support and I admire our friendship.

To many more years.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Amelia said...

I know what you mean about the funk mood. I read the blogs but can not get too excited about anything. This too shall pass as we enter 2009.

Have an enjoyable time with the grandkids tonight. Some friends are coming over ...will eat supper and watch some football games. Doubt if we stay up to see old year out and new year in.

from us's to you'ns in Arizona - HAPPY NEW YEAR!