Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

How in the world did I get old enough to welcome 2009? Very happy to be able to do so, I must admit. Quiet night here, my great white hunter and I took the kids to Golden Corral for dinner then we came back for baths and story time. They were up early watching cartoons with Papa. I woke up long enough to hear one of the neighbors shoot off some fireworks and that was the end of the celebration. Must admit I was muttering under my breath that who even it was better not wake up the kids!! Oh, when you get old, you are no fun any more.

I am thinking about goals for the new year. Last year I set a "de-clutter" my life goal and did a good job on the physical clutter, not so good on the mental. That is definitely something to continue for this year as I find functioning without clutter all over is much easier. I have a few other goals in mind but not going to post them until later........just going to enjoy the day.

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, my best wishes for heath and happiness.


Amelia said...

I made no resolutions - usually never keep them any way.

But I too will welcome 2009 opportunities, new challenges, new plans, new baby in about 6 weeks, and I am sure many more wonderful things the Lord has in mind for me.

Finn said...

Happy New Year Norma, love the picture of the fireworks, very classy.
Yup, indeed, we know we are over the hill when we sleep the New Year into existance. I can't even remember the last time I stayed up for it.
I wish you much health and happiness in this new year. Big hugs, Finn

Carol VR said...

I too have resoved to clear some physical clutter this year as I have the last few years. Ten years married, a previously empty attic and way more STUFF than anyone needs.... I have alot of STUFF to declutter.


Granny Lyn said...

Do you remember when we were kids, and 2000 sounded so far off? I was certain we were going to be like the Jetsons by now,,,

I HAVE to lose weight!! no ifs ands or butts!! tee hee