Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sara at Quilting Bookworm awarded this award to me. Thank you, Sara and thank you for stopping by and leaving comments! I love when some one comments and then, I find their blog and enjoy reading it.

Part of the award is to list five addictions. Now years ago, I would have told you that I spent my life making sure I had NO addictions. I grew up around smokers and drinkers and made sure that I avoided both. But I have come to realize that we ALL have our addictions and you don't have to put it in your body for it to be addictive. So, I will fess up to at least these:

1. This is a no brainer....FABRIC! I love the stuff. I love the feel, the smell, the color. I can enjoy a small square as well as a whole bolt. This addiction goes back to when I was a little kid. I was always gathering up my mother's sewing scraps and putting them in a bag for later! There was a long period of time in my life when I was not using fabric for much but I still looked, felt and bought it!

2. Another life time addiction is books. They are the one constant in my life and the more the better. Problem is the great white hunter likes them too! Storage space is full and we have a very hard time getting rid of a book! We have a on going discussion on which ones you should keep. He says anything with reference material or instructions is a keeper, novels should be read and gotten rid of. (guess who does not read novels much???) I say you should keep them if you love them.

3. Coffee is up there with long time addictions too. I was allowed to drink coffee with lots of milk and sugar as a kid. Odd but we lived where it was cold and it was a warm drink??? I did away with the milk as a teenager but still have Sweet and Low in it. I drink it all day.

4. Add tea to that list. When the coffee pot is empty, I make a cup of tea. In hot AZ summers, we go through gallons of iced tea.

5. Apples.........give me a tart, crisp apple and I will follow you anywhere! This one is somewhat of a life long love too. A day without a apple is a day when I feel like something is missing. I introduced my grand daughter Julia to apples when she got two teeth. I would hold the apple and she would gnaw on it. We did this every afternoon. This eight year old gets very cranky if she does not have her apple every day! I am proud that I passed this addiction on!!

I am supposed to tag others for this award but I have done that several times in the past. If you are reading this and you want, take the award and tell us about YOUR addictions! Maybe someone out there has one that is not quite as boring as mine. I discovered in thinking about this, how some of mine are connected. Reading a good book and eating a crip apple is heaven on earth!


Amelia said...

Loved knowing these things about you! They are what make you special!

KCQuilter said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And I must confess, I share most of your same addictions LOL!

Sue said...

We have the same addictions! Everytime I read your blog I realize the many things we have in common. We must be blog-sisters!

Finn said...

Hey, that's not boring!! It's what makes us the unique people we each are...you're right up there girl!!
Cold and more cold here....brrrr. my fingers are frozen! Send heat! Hugs, Finn

Sara said...

Fabric and books. Great addictions. I love a good book! What are some of your favorites?

SueR said...

I'm with you on the fabric and coffee. Know what you mean about storing the books--they get out of hand quickly. I finally had to content myself knowing that, if they didn't have it at the library, they could get it for me on interlibrary loan.