Thursday, January 22, 2009

Color for the Snowbound

From mid May to mid October, we all question why in the world anyone would want to live here. About July, when the temps. hit 115 degrees and the monsoon humidity hits, you really wonder if you are seriously missing some of your marbles. Then about the middle of November, you sit back and enjoy the good life. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and sunny, today is rainy with 75 degrees.

So for those of you who are tired of looking at nothing but white snow, here is the 2009 tour of my backyard to give you a bit of color from AZ.

This is today's pick from our Sweet 100 tomato plants. They grew really tall, then we had a windy day and they bent down. We had to cover them a couple of nights due to frost and that bent them down even more so they are thick and dense. Picking tomatoes is a job as you have to really get inside the vines. Hey, I will bend and twist whatever way I need to so we get each and every one. I made salsa yesterday and have enough in the fridge for some spaghetti sauce.

Lemons from my back neighbor's tree that dips into our yard. Think I need to make a pie!

Grapefruit from the tree in the side yard.

Oranges from the side yard.

These plants were on clearance at Lowes, three for ten dollars. I decided to follow Belvie and Amelia's example and give the clearance plants a home. I have my fingers crossed on these.......and NO idea where we are going to plant them. So, I was not thinking ahead that day in Lowes but love the flowers anyway.

Now in case you think all is good and wonderful in the growing aspect of winter in AZ, here is a example of what grows the very best of all. Winter weeds sprout this time of year and in a few days can take over everything. They grow in gravel and in the sidewalk cracks and they grow fast and furious. It takes diligence with the Round Up spray just to keep a few steps ahead of them. Some folks don' if you have neighbors who don't, you have twice the problem because they spread like crazy. Guess what kind of neighbors we have on both sides? Need another jug of Round Up!


Amelia said...

I know it is a sin to be jealous so I won't be...but seeing all that fruit growing right there within a few feet of your back door makes me want to plant trees like them...but they would not make it here in oklahoma. However, it is 76 today...supposed to be 36 though on Saturday...crazy weather.

Your flowers look fantastic...what a steal at 3 for $10.00 even on the sale rack.

Enjoy the weekend.

Okie Amelia

Kristie said...

Oh, such nice photos! Looks so warm!!!!! Love the flowers! I can't wait until Spring to start planting!

Carol VR said...

I'm sooo envious. Have an extra slice of me for me.

SueR said...

Ditto what Amelia said, how lovely to have such lovely fruit so readily within arm's reach. What I wouldn't give right now for a fresh home grown tomato! My husband hates the gassed tomatoes we get up here in winter. No lie about the weeds taking over--all last summer we did battle with wild violets. Heaven help you if they get a foothold in your yard!

Belvie said...

Oh...what I wouldn't do for one of those "fresh off the vine tomatoes". I'm off to the store this morning to buy some of the those "cardboard" tasting ones! about a picture of lemonade. I made some using Splenda and it was good.

I'm glad to see those plants off the clearance rack doing so well. They now have a loving home and they are rewarding you with pretty flowers!

Tropical Screamer said...

Your garden looks so beautiful.

It turns out my sale plants are the prettiest ones I have.

My "sale" Impatiens have turned into bedding plants.

Thank you for sharing the pictures.

Best regards,

Sara said...

ok, i am jealous - it was 15 here today. Last weekend it was -13. I would love to live somewhere warmer. I am definately in the wrong climate. But thanks for showing the great pics.