Monday, January 26, 2009

Could It Please Be Feburary?

I know at my age, I should not be wishing for time to go by. That does not stop me from wishing that the February BOM's were posted. I finished these last week. I saw several of the Love blocks on other blogs done on beige fabric. I liked that much better and I am almost done re doing that block. So, February, come on down!! Like.......NOW! I am enjoying this so much and want to do MORE.

This is my first time stitching with a piece of batting behind the piece. I was a little concerned how that would go but it works great. It seems to give the whole thing more stability. No plans yet for the setting fabrics, think I will wait until I see what direction the quilts are going before I chose that.

Many thanks to the designers who are so giving of their time and talents to post these wonderful patterns for us.


Amelia said...

Such wonderful work..such patience.

Amother one of your talents is showing!

New week - new opportunities!

Belvie said...

Those both turned out so pretty!

Sara said...

Those both look great! So pretty. And february will be here before we know it!

Tropical Screamer said...

Oh, how pretty.

What a great job you're doing.


Carol VR said...

Is that embroidery???

QuiltingFitzy said...

Could you share the link for the snowmen? It's adorable!

Good job!

Kristie said...

Those really turned out beautiful! You did a wonderful job! I know how you feel, I get so anxious when doing BOM's!