Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Quilt Show

As promised, here are a few more of the quilts from the Tucson show last weekend.

The rows were pretty narrow and I could not get far enough back to get the complete quilt in the frame but you get most of it. It was just beautiful!

These are a few of the smaller quilts, I really liked the small AZ quilt.

Now this was the knock your socks off quilt in my mind. I was in awe! Love those colors even if they are not something I would be comfortable with.

Every year the Tucson guild has a gift shop open with things the members have made to sell. Not sure if the proceeds go to the guild or perhaps a charity. It is fun to look. This year there were a lot of neat bags for sale as well as place mats, pot holders and assorted quilted items. There is always a tree all trimmed with hand made decorations.

This is our one and only purchase, a bag for baking potatoes. I knew I had seen the pattern for it but figuring I would never get around to making it, we bought it to give it a try. Monday night I baked white potatoes and last night sweet potatoes. They are great, they come out nice and fluffy. They do say that you need to keep an eye on the bag until you know how it will do in your microwave as some of the higher wattage ones might scorch the fabric. This one did fine but I would not put it in and then leave the kitchen. The instructions are on a site called, "A Time to Stitch" For some reason, I can not get a link to work this morning. You could also Google the words, baked potato bag. I am sure they are the ones the maker used because the instruction card is word for word what the lady has added here.

I read another post that said cotton batting only. I think mine might not be but whatever it is high loft because the bag is pretty puffy.


Amelia said...

Wow on the quilts...lots and lots of work went into them...don't know if I could be that dedicated...guess not worry as I am sure I am not that talented anyway.

Glad to hear the potato baking bag was a success...I had never heard of them. I love baked 'taters but don't fix them very often as we both like them with lots of butter and sour cream...niether of which is good for us.

Hugs from Oklahoma

Sue said...

I love the quilts. The potato baking bag is in "my" kitchen colors! I love it and will check out the website. Thanks.

SueR said...

More eye candy! Thanks again for sharing. I never heard of a potato bag either. What an interesting idea.

Belvie said...

I like that quilt in primary colors. I don't usually work with colors like that, but that one is so pretty.

I made one of the potato bags several years ago. Made it using 100% cotton batting and 100% cotton fabric and 100% cotton thread...just like the instructions said was necessary. I used it for several months and things went fine. Then one day I was baking potatoes and it seemed that things looked hazy in the microwave, so I opened the door and that bag was smoldering. Be sure to be right there when you use it in case the same thing happens to you. It did make good potatoes though.