Thursday, December 25, 2008


I know the outside world is not at peace, there are folks out there whose holiday was far from peaceful. In my little corner of the world, peace is the only word I can find to express the feeling.

As a child, Christmas was rarely peaceful. My Dad and his brother's usually marked the occasion with large amounts of alcoholic beverages, and the chaos that followed was never remembered as peaceful. The great white hunter and I vowed as young parents not to have those kind of memories for our kids.

So my little family gathered today and we had a wonderful time together. Our oldest, disabled son was here for the day so the nest was full. A trip home is a real effort for him and his wheel chair. Functioning in a social situation like this is also hard for him but he did fine and enjoyed himself a lot.

When we all sat around the table, and I saw my loved ones with their cheap plastic glasses, I knew that I had been given the greatest gift of all, my family with me on this day. The food was good, the gifts wonderful and the memories and good feelings were all anyone could ever hope for. Long distance family was reached by phone. Again, I am truly blessed, again I need to count those blessings and give thanks. I am among the lucky ones because I know the true meaning of peace at the end of this day.

I hope peace was a part of your celebration and if not, I hope you find the strength to find that peace in the new year.


Amelia said...

What a wonderful post...twas great all the family was together and peace reigned throughout.

Looking forward to all that 2009 has to offer...aren't you?

jovaliquilts said...

Such a wonderful holiday! Sounds like everything that really matters was there. I'm so happy for you! I hope you carry that peace into the new year.

Carol VR said...

How wonderful that yu managed to get all of you's together.


SueR said...

I think that's about the nicest Christmas story I've read this year. Family is what it's all about.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Very best wishes to you and yours for 2009.