Monday, December 8, 2008

Starting the Decorating

One by one, I am digging things out of the bins in the garage. If I keep it up at this rate, it will be time to take them down before I get them all up!

I made this guy (and five others) a couple of years ago. The pattern was in a Christmas craft magazine long gone and forgotten so I can't give credit. Note the blanket stitch........I think if it has blanket stitch, it follows me home.

You can see the edges of my Jim Shore Christmas figures.......more on them tomorrow.


Amelia said...

Mr. Snowman looks so happy to be holding the cards. You do such perfect stitching when you do the blanket stitch..guess from all that practice over the years.

Carol VR said...

Even at this rate, your way ahead of me.

I haven't even begun to decorate and guess what???... we're holding Christmas this year....AARGHHH!!!

Teresa said...

A cute way to display your cards.

Rainma said...

I just love blue snowmen! Great card holder!

Belvie said...

I say you are "Queen of the Blanket Stitch"! That card holder is so cute.

Tropical Screamer said...

Mr. Snowman is so cheerful. :)


Finn said...

Morning Norma, *VBS*, so happy to hear that Ellie is home safely. Hard to lose our children in that or any other way. A Christmas blessing for sure.
The snowman hanging is just adorable and a great way to handle those Christmas cards, blanket stitch or not....LOL. I think you've certainly had a lot of practice.
Hope your holidays are merry and bright, Hugs, Finn