Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stars in My Eyes!

This time of year, it is not supposed to take much to put stars in your eyes and make you happy. I am a simple girl and it does not take much any time of the year to make those twinkles!

Eleanor Burns is my all time quilting diva, I would be thrilled to meet her or even catch a glimpse. I just missed her at the Road to California quilt show last year and was so sad. Another of my all time favorites is Patrick Lose. I watched him on Simply Quilts a few years ago and have so admired his work. Enter Ebay.......and I have a couple of his books right there along with Eleanor on the shelf. Never made one of their quilts but I have longingly looked at the quilts in those books and read every article I could find about them. I do so admire their talent and the way they handle their success.

So, I found Patrick Lose's website the other day........and discovered he lives in Phoenix. I commented an AZ type comment and HE ANSWERED. I had a email from PATRICK LOSE! WOOHOO! Made my day for sure. He suggested that I take one of his classes.......would that make the old eyes sparkle.

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Patrick said...

Well, look who found your blog too! That was very sweet of you to post. Thanks so much.

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday :)