Monday, March 9, 2009

Cherry Mash Moments

About ten years ago, we had a kitchen fire. No one was hurt, we lost nothing of great sentimental value but it did mean major renovations on our house. They came and took everything out to be treated for smoke and stored. Then, they ripped up most of the flooring, gutted the kitchen, repainted the walls and replaced anything that might have been damaged by heat. It was a long process, made worse by uncaring workmen who wasted time and a constant dealing with the insurance company. We had to shop for everything we lost and give a price for purchasing new. We had to pick out carpet and drapes and............Sounds wonderful but doing it all at once is hard. It took over six months and we lived like gypsies all that time.

One day, we were out on a "fill in the insurance company list" shopping trip and stopped at a Wal Mart where we normally don't go. As we walked in the door, the first thing I spied was a end cap full of boxes of Cherry Mash candy bars. I have blogged here about how these are my all time favorite candy, but they don't distribute them in AZ. We bought a few (mmmmm, quite a few) for the freezer and the check out lady said they had gotten them in by mistake and they had no place for them in the candy isle. It raised our sagging spirits considerably, and we laughed that a simple thing like a candy bar could chase the blahs away. So, since then, when something happens that is a little odd, we call them "Cherry Mash Moments". Over the years, there have been others........not sure if they really are something special or it is just that we are open to them at the time. I am not religious but I do believe in a higher power and to me, these are a sign that, yes, someone is watching over you.

This last Sat., I had a major Cherry Mash Moment. Now I have to tell you that at first I thought that the time had come when my mind was going it's own way and leaving me behind. I am way too young for that so it was a little scary. I found myself looking around to make sure I was where I thought I was.

Last week I read a post on one of my favorite blogs "Covered Porches and Wooden Screen Doors." She told how she had embroidered a Holly Hobbie on a shirt when she was in JR High with a friend. She had just found the pattern they used and bought it to send to her friend. However, she lost the auction for the pattern she was bidding on for herself. She ended with the note that no matter what, the pattern she did get had her friend's name on it.

We were in a antique store in Prescott AZ. on Sat. afternoon and as I came around a corner, I saw the word, "Holly" out of the corner of my eye. I went to check and found a basket with three patterns in it. Two were for a "Holly Hobbie" embroidery and one was for a "Holly Hobbie" doll. The embroidery patterns were the same one that she posted about. I stood there in that booth with chills going down my spine. After I made sure I was really where I thought I was and I really did have that pattern in my hand, I took it to show my great white hunter. When I told him the story, he said I needed to get it and send it to her. I told him she might think I was a wacko and not want to send me her address. He said to try because think how I would feel if someone did that for me.

I emailed her when we got home, and made her day.

The pattern went in the mail today as a Pay It Forward gift from me. Hopefully, she will find someone, someday that she can do the same for. I know that this pattern was the one with HER name on it.

So, was it chance that put me there where those patterns were or was there more to the story? I believe there is more to the story and I am looking forward to the next "Cherry Mash Moment" in my life.


Amelia said...


What a wonderful story about finding things when least expected.

I can understand (to some degree) about dealing with insurance company and getting replacement items and year about 7 to 10 days before Christmas our house was broken into and many many things were taken...including all Christmas gifts...I was single at the time and daughter was young..what an experience.

Enjoy those "Cherry Mash Moments" as oft times it is the little things in life that bring such joy.

Screen Door said...

You rock--- no more, no less.. You rock. You are a definitely a very special lady.

Sue said...

How neat. I love the term "Cherry Mash Moment"...but I don't think I have ever seen and know I haven't tasted a Cherry Mash! So neat to "pay-it-forward".

Teresa said...

A nice story and super nice of you to do that for her.

I need to be on the lookout for those cherry mash candy bars. I have never heard of them before until your blog.

Belvie said...

You are one VERY nice lady! That small act of kindness just shows your generous nature and what kind of person you truly are. I can see from Screen Door's comment she really appreciated the gift.

Now....I've never had Cherry Mash candy either, so I'm gonna have to look for some.

Granny Lyn said...

Your story is so full of the precious heart you have!!

and I love the thought of a PIF.

SueR said...

What a cool story! I've never seen Cherry Mash candy either. Cherry Mash Moment, with the Holly Hobbie--I love that!

Finn said...

As for my two cents worth, I absolutely love the pink background, it seems very quiet and gentle, much like you my friend! I'm not a pink person either, but lately I've been weighing its merits *VBS*
Wonderful story! And how amazing to find that pattern in embroidery. I have the dress and bonnet pattern in a size 6 from when DD#1 was that size and age. It's such a cute look! Good for you for buying and sending it, I'm sure Mel loved it!! Hugs, Finn