Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Note

I have set my comments so that I can read them before they are published on my blog. As much as I hate to have to do these things, I have learned the hard way that it is a must.

If you make a comment and you are set that there can be no reply from my end, I will not publish your comment or will delete it. Communication is a two way thing and I will not give up my right to have my response.

Thankfully, this will not matter to 99.5% of those who might comment.


Amelia said... problem here.


Granny Lyn said...

I have known others who have this on their controls, too. Hope it helps!!!

Finn said...

Hi Norma, you know I will follow over hill and dale to see what you have to say, and what you are up to in your Cherry Mash moments and beyond...LOL
Sorry that it came to this, but I totally understand, having had an encounter with a nasty anonymous reader. We're here beside you. Big hugs, Finn