Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yellow Flowers

The yellow flower in my header is from our yard. It is from the daisy family but I don't remember the name. We planted these from seed three or four years ago, in a flower bed that my great white hunter built out by the pool patio. There are two different colors, one with the brown and then the all yellow. I can see these from my kitchen window and I love them!

These flowers just flourished. They make it though the cold weather in the winter, the hot in the summer and bloom for the most part through most of the year. In the winter, when the days are short, they don't put out blooms as much. The seeds blow and sprout along the edges of the lawn and the patio. My great white hunter transplanted some of these run aways in the white pot and they just made themselves at home there.

This pack of seeds was a great investment!


Amelia said...

Certainly pretty...and sounds like they are easy to grow...that is my kind of flower.

Carol VR said...

Perhaps you ought to give a tutorial on revising the header.

I have yet to figure out anything constructive in the way of getting my photos into the header...HELP!!!