Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Traveling With Flat Stanley

This last weekend, my great white hunter and I took a four day weekend and ran away from home. He has been working some very long, stressful hours and we needed a break. It was perfect timing as the weather is just beautiful.

The week before we left, Colin brought Flat Stanley home from school. Flat Stanley is a little man who had a bulletin board fall on him and flatten him out. Since that happened, people have been putting him in a envelope and mailing him all over for adventures. You are supposed to show him around, take pictures of him in your area, with your family and having a good time. He comes with a journal to write about his adventures. Then you send Stanley, the journal, pictures and souvenirs back to the class and they learn about the area where he visited. Colin colored and cut out his Flat Stanley and sent him off with Nana and Papa on their weekend adventure.

Taking Flat Stanley's picture is an adventure in itself, because he is so small and the backgrounds are so big. Too, trying to keep fingers out of the picture is a challenge. We did have several people stop while we were taking pictures and tell us that they had had Flat Stanley for a visit too. This little guy lives the traveling life!

Here is Stanley in front of the Colorado River.

Finding a place to take a picture of Flat Stanley and the London Bridge took some fast thinking by my great white hunter. This is where we met a man who said he had "been there and done that." We agreed that grandparents will do just about anything for their grandchildren!

The Tropicana Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada has a train station theme so we showed Stanley the little train. Pretend you don't see the fingers in the picture. I doubt that six year olds will mind.

They were standing in line to take pictures by the famous Las Vegas sign. There is a special parking lot and everything. We did not stand in line because you could just hold him up and click.

We made a trip to the M & M store on the Las Vegas strip. Anything and everything
with the M & M logo is for sale in this store. There are four floors full of just about anything you can imagine, including the candy! Here is Stanley on the race car.

This is the entrance to the store. We met another lady here who said her grandparents had taken Flat Stanley on a adventure for her son. It was good meeting these people because you knew that not everyone thought you were out of your mind!

Stanley did some shopping here and has a M & M pencil for each one of the kids in Colin's class.

Finally, just outside of Las Vegas on the way home, Flat Stanley gets to visit the Hoover Dam. It was dusk, the road was narrow and crowded and it was time to put Stanley back in his envelope.

Watching my great white hunter take pictures of Colin's Flat Stanley made me realize, once again, how lucky we all are to have my great white hunter. He planned the stops for Stanley and did the leg work so his grandson would have a nice project to return to his class. What a guy!!!

Now, Nana needs to do her part and go get the pictures printed, write in the journal and send it off to Colin's class.

Because we ran away from home, I am behind in my blog reading and comments........missed you all and will be up to date soon!


Amelia said...


What fun!

Both you and great white hunter got to be a kid again (in away) in doing Colin will enjoy seeing what a wonderful time that Stanley had with his grandparents.

Short trips like this can be fun, exciting and interesting.

♪♪Melody♪♪ and Puddin said...

Fun! We have done that in our family too.

Sara said...

That is so awesome! Colin is lucky that his grandparents took Stanley on vacation with them. I'm sure he enjoyed it and it sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Jeanne said...

What a nice Grandma to do this for Colin! He'll always remember this.

Belvie said...

Boy, that Flat Stanley had a nice vacation. Hope he and those along with him had a lot of fun and time to relax.

Thanks for sharing that little tour with us!

Katie said...

Oh how much fun. Getting away so much fun. I love the idea of "Stanley".

Also like your yellow flower but then I liked the pink one too.

When you get a chance, check the strawberry pie recipe using Splenda that I posted. You will love it.

Teresa said...

How fun is that! Next time, I volunteer to be your grandson's project and you can take me to all those places!

Carol VR said...

If you and Colin and interested and should you have a scanner... I'd love to show Flat Stanley the sites around my part of CANADA.

Let me know...I'm sure it would be a hoot.

A teacher our way was currently up on charges by the publishers of the book for doing something similiar saying that the idea was plagerism. Whatever?!?

I'd seen the book (from the 60's) recently at our local thrift store and because the kids hadn't any clue what I was talking abour I quickly put it back.

Now I'm kicking myself and can't wait to see if it's still there.