Tuesday, March 3, 2009


You might want to head over to my friend Belvie's blog for what she has learned about copyright law and our blogs. She has done some good research and what she has found might be surprising. I know it was to me.

Last week a picture of my RV showed up on someone else's blog. It was taken directly off of this blog from a post I made a long time ago. It was later removed, but that
still tells us that we should know all we can about protecting what we put out there. I found the information she discovered about being responsible for the comments on your blog interesting also. Information on a commerical blog, or one that has things for sale is also a interesting issue.

How sad that we need these laws, and I am not sure they are worth much but just the same, something to think about as we blog away.

While you are there, you can see her wonderful baby quilt too.


Amelia said...

Guess I had better put in a note in my side bar too.

Never can tell where something from our blogs could land.

What is this world coming to?

Kristie said...

That is very interesting!

Sue said...

Please direct me to Belvie's blog! Thanks.

Katie said...

When I was a small child I learned that without permission, I couldn't take my neighbor kid's toy to my house. Now as a senior citizen, I don't need to read a sign or consult a law to still know this.

Carolyn said...
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