Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blogger let me do a title and I lost the post, now it won't let me do one...............what's up with this?

I learned to stitch as a teenager. I made a set of "day of the week" tea towels for my "hope chest". When the time came to use them, I decided that was a real waste of work on something that took such abuse in my kitchen. Later I did a set of quilt blocks for a baby quilt. Then life came along in the form of husband and three kids and I moved on. When I discovered counted cross stitch, I did that for a long time until I couldn't focus on the charts enough to get it on the cloth. (old age!)

Here lately though, I have seen such neat things that have been stitched on the blogs and neat patterns to buy on sites, that I wanted to try it again. It went well but I need to practice to get my stitches more even. (and my back neater..........my mother taught me that your back should look as good as your front..............yeah, right!)

This is a pattern by Nancy Halvorsen from Art to Heart. I bought it for applique and was really thrilled that it had a stitching pattern included. I love her things, have several of her books. Still plan to applique this for Christmas gifts. Not sure if this one will be a wall hanging or a pillow.................I am off to Joann's to look at the Christmas fabric to see what inspires me!


that the brain still remembers after 40 years

baked chicken and mashed potatoes

the good feelings that come from finishing something

that the MVD sent me a letter extending my drivers license for five more years and I don't have to go stand in a long line to renew it!!


Niki said...

Great stitchin'!
Well with my stitchings I usually back them with batting, that way you cannot see any threads thru the muslin and such...

Katie said...

I can't find your e-mail address to let you know you have been tagged for Finn's MeMe.