Friday, July 13, 2007

A Journey in the Makings

That Meme made me think and after rereading it, I am way too hard on myself.

So.............things I can do should say that I am a good listener, that I have compassion and that I put my family over myself to a fault. I am positive, believing that the glass is always half full and that things happened for a reason and that you will eventually know and accept that reason. I was taught that you NEVER said what you were good at..........that was a no no to brag about yourself. So, I will work on changing that.

I have always faced up to what I can't do, hey that is how it is and we are all different. Problem is I feel sometimes that what I can't do makes me seem less of a person. That was how I felt when I finished yesterday and I will work on that one too!

The opposite sex thing just seemed odd to me at my age and station in life. But I am and always was attracted to DH because he is such a good caring person. He loves little kids and animals, is giving to a fault (to the point that people are embarrassed when he gives them a gift because he goes so overboard) And like I said, we laugh and have a good time together. He supports me in every way..........and he really likes my cooking!! When my children asked what attracted me to their Dad at the ripe old age of 15, I always told them he was really cute walking down the street. He still is!

So, thank you Katie, for making me think about these things and taking me on a journey to know me and to work on ME. Sometimes we all need a wake up call and we never know what direction it will come from.

And Fitzy........thanks for the lesson, I will give it a try. Like I said, before I die this computer and I WILL be friends!! (or else!!!)


Niki said...

:) Glad you revised your MEME's. LOL :) Life's to short to be hard on onself. The computer WILL be your friend. You'll be an 'ol blogger pro before ya know it, teaching ME things! ;) I sure don't know much about it either.

Katie said...

Enjoyed learning a bit about you and that you enjoyed the process of thinking and sharing. I find I have different answers on different days. :0 I've given up on being friends with the computer stuff. :(

QuiltingFitzy said...

If ever you need help...just ASK. I know that's the hardest thing for me to do, but dang, it works!

I love trying to figure out new things, especially on the computer.