Friday, July 13, 2007

Weekend Enjoyment Ahead

When we did the MEME there was no question about females you admire. Eleanor Burns is my quilting diva! I have other women that I have great respect for but she is it for quilting. I love her "throw it on the floor don't sweat it" attitude. I admire that she picked up the pieces after her husband left her and built a successful business out of "Quilt in a Day" and raised her boys alone. I also greatly admire how honest she has been always about that situation. As women, we have to acknowledge when rotten stuff happens in our life and not cover it up and just smile sweetly. Too, her books are pretty visual and clear to understand and I need that!

DS #2 and his wife give me book store gift cards for Christmas, Mother's Day and my birthday. There are two reasons for this, first is that he shares my love of books and my need to have them.........lots of them. The other reason is that he knows that I am way too frugal (as in cheap) to pay full price for books at a chain book store. My haunts are used book stores and used book sales.

I got this book yesterday with my Mother's Day card. I would have gotten it before but the store I was at just had one copy and the punch out templates in the back of the book were not in good shape, then I forgot about it. So, I am spending quality time with Eleanor this weekend!!

Who is YOUR "quilting diva"?

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