Saturday, July 7, 2007

For some unknown reason, blogger will not let me put a title on my post. I was going to use, "What I did on my summer vacation". This is pretty much it! Above you see the dream that DH and I have had for the last few years. Saved and saved and finally last year we bought it. We took it to California for a week last year. I have got to tell you that you have not had fun until you drive through LA in a motor home. The drivers merge right in front of you and that is a lot of weight to slow down in a hurry.

This year we loaded it up and went to the White Mountains here in AZ. The idea was to get out of the heat. Haha...............they were having record temps. there too! Must say that 98 degrees is much cooler than 116 degrees but hot is hot.

We had a really good time, except for the day we got there. On the way up, my husband remembered that he had forgot to close one of the overhead vents. I got up, closed it and we thought it was fine. Then on a rather sharp curve, the bedroom sliding door goes crashing into the wall. Seems the strap that holds it in place has broken. I get up and prop it open with a tote bag.

The trip went well, the RV resort we had reservations at was great..............time for set up.

First thing, the wind picks up and the vent we forgot to shut, comes flying off the roof almost hitting hubby. Apparently it was not fine when I shut it. So we have a gap in the roof. Then when DH puts the levels down, one of the slides will not open. Then he discovers that the levels won't move, up or down. After several tries, nothing. Now if you have the levels down, that is it, you can't move the home. Here we sit on a rented lot that other folks have reservations on later in the week plus this thing costs $33 a night, and we can't move.

We hop in the jeep and head to town to the RV place. We did find a strap for the door and a replacement vent cover. The service people said it would be THURSDAY before they could even come look at the levels and if we needed a part it would take a week to ten days to order it. This was Sat. and we had one week..................I was afraid I would have to stay there while DH came home to work! Then there was the matter of the space rent and the other folks with reservations for our spot. I asked the service people could they please try and squeeze us in and they just flat said no. They also told us they were the only ones in town qualified to work on RV's. The attitude was just "too bad".

We got a card from a new company at the resort office. I called and they said they were out of town but when they got home they would let us know if they could come the next day. Later they called back and said they would be there in about an hour. They showed up, fixed the problem, put the vent cover on and charged us a very low fee. All was well in our world...........the dream turned nightmare had just turned back to a dream.

These people had such a can do attitude. Their idea was to get those levels up so we could get home and take care of it there. They cared about our problem of being stuck and needing to get back to the valley on time. I am encouraged that there are such good people out there.............and I sure hope that their business booms and they always provide such good service! (and maybe take some business from the guy who quite frankly could have cared less if we had to sit there for two weeks!


A safe trip

quiet time for a much needed break

Angels in panel trucks that fix RV's


QuiltingFitzy said...

My goodness!

Glad you are home, I like knowing where all of my friends are!

"Afraid" you'd have to stay a week? An extra few days of avoiding going home? Sounds good to me, lol. Heck, I might even enjoy myself!

Off to breakfast, what's up with you today? I'm going to try to sneak some sewing in, tho I think it may be handwork.

Niki said...

I bet you had a great time down there. Great ride!