Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 Resolution(s)

I am like the rest of the world, I make resolutions and promptly break them or ignore them all together. With that in mind, not making many this year, in fact I am making just ONE.

Clutter is taking over my home, my mind, my life, my entire being! My house is cluttered, my head is cluttered and I have cluttered up my life with stuff that I can do nothing about. So, I decided that if I just de-clutter, one thing at a time, life would be better all the way around.

So, will start on the house. I plan a big time clean up that results in a lot of out the door clutter. That will make the space for the things I really want to keep to be stored in a less cluttered space.

Then we will move on to the mind, which should be much better already because of less physical clutter in my life. Then we will de-clutter my life........and this one will take some honest soul searching and maybe a little pain but the result will be a happier, healthier ME. Not going to happen over night, that is for sure, but the goal is slow and steady!

DOWN WITH CLUTTER IN 2008.......anybody want to join my quest for LESS stuff and the resulting less stress in their life?


QuiltingFitzy said...

I'm not a clutter queen, but I am one heck of a procrastinator!!!

I think I'll make my vow to try this "List" thing. I've never liked lists, but really haven't given them a fair try!

Happy, happy New Year Norma...SEE YOU SOON!

Belvie said...

My goal is about the same as yours....eliminate some clutter. I've read some of the "Flylady" materials and I'm coming up with my ideas that fit my own way of living. I'm hoping to get things organized, eliminate some of my stash, and have lots of time to do those things I love......and to work hard on my own health.

Shelina said...

I'm reading past posts, and I am definitely with you on the decluttering! I've made attempts in the past, but I need to step up and do much more.

Mama Koch said...

Since we moved the week before Christmas, I finally realized how much stuff we actually had. I think it was a wake-up call to get rid of the excess.
Not that I ever want to move again, we've learned that we can definitely get by with less!