Monday, December 31, 2007

Fresh Start

Part of my de-clutter resolution for 2008 is to deal with some personal issues that have been around a while and I need to deal with so I can move on.

One of these involves a Sunbonnet Sue quilt that I was hand appliqueing for my niece about three years ago. I was happily stitching away, sewing love and part of me into every stitch when my step father put my mother in a nursing home. The resulting family upheaval between my family and the step family was awful. It went down hill from there, causing much disagreement between my entire family. When Mom died about a month later, the *you know what* hit the fan big time. The result is my family is split down the middle and I will never see my niece again.

This is not fixable, too many painful, hurtful words were tossed about, too many unforgivable things happened. So, here I was with a half finished quilt. I tried to throw it away and could not, I tried to finish it and give it as a donation quilt and I could not even thread a needle. So I packed it up and put it away, only to be reminded on occasion that I needed to deal with it and could not. It was a symbol of not dealing with what was happening to my family.

I read a post by Finn about her sisters and their lack of relationship just before Christmas. I had read before about her Orphan Train quilts, blocks that found a home with other blocks from other quilters to make donation quilts. YES, I found my answer. I wrote to her and she has agreed to take my finished blocks and all the rest of the odds and ends and make it into a little girl donation quilt! So next week, the blocks go in the mail..........and Norma moves on. Step one of the de-clutter towards a all around healing process is underway. Thanks Finn!

End result is a negative is made into a positive, good start for 2008, don't you think?


Kristie said...

I think that is a very precious thing that you are doing with your Sunbonnet Sue blocks. I know it is hard when families have problems. I know we do. My mom and dad divorced after 33 yrs because he had a girlfriend. A few months later dad had 2 heartattacks. Dr. said he probably wouldn't make it. Girlfriend wanted to turn him off, and we kids didn't. Long story short...he is doing fine, married her and she won't let him around his kids. But I also blame him for this, because he is a grown man and if he wanted to see his 3 kids and 5 grandkids he would. So hang in there. I know it is hard sometimes to deal with things.

Belvie said...

Your decision sounds like a postive step in putting a bad situation behind you. Seems like many families have those situations. I know mine does too.

QuiltingFitzy said...

GREAT solution!!

Dealing with things is hard, I know...but not dealing with them and letting them fester more is worse!