Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What's Wrong With This Picture?

If you read my last two posts, I talk about reducing clutter in my life. Taking control of all the "stuff" to get a better grasp of my time.

OK, so what did I do over the New Year holiday? I shopped! Now every one of these fabrics is clearance. The Debbie Mumm fabric is from Walmart, at $1 a yard I could NOT leave it there! There are two lengths of Christmas prints that were marked down to $.50 a yard. Not quilt shop quality but great for Christmas projects! There are several Christmas print remnants from Joann's that were 75% off of fabric that was already 60% off. Now, who in their right mind walks away from that? So what if it takes up storage room that is somewhat lacking lately?

There is no picture of the other clearance goodies I got at Target for 75% off because that really smacks of "clutter". I am so bad..........

On the other front, I have started to really clean out cupboards and closets. I have two collections going. One for a charity donation and one for a garage sale that DD and I will have in March. Not looking at things twice, if it has been taking up space and not used, out it goes. Got to make some room in case I find some great bargains! LOL They just opened a Goodwill store up the street, got to go see what that is all about on my way to the used book store! Again, I am bad......

Julia and Colin were here to spend the night on New Year's Eve so Mom and Dad could go out and enjoy themselves. They needed a break and the great white hunter and I needed some grand kid time. We put her new sewing machine up and started sewing some squares that we had cut for the toy machine (that is going in the garage sale box). She had changed her mind on how to arrange them so we did some ripping out with her new seam ripper. Today DD was telling me that she keeps asking when she can come back because she really needs to work on her quilt. I will say she seems to have great color sense..........the fabric she chose for her squares is blue and purple and I would have NEVER put these together and they look great. Maybe I will take her when I have my "I can't decide what color/print" fabric melt downs in front of the bolts of fabric! Will post a picture after she gets some sewing time.

Happy New Year every one!! The great white hunter keeps saying he can't believe how fast this last year went by. Think most will agree.

2007 Gratitude's

My great white hunter

His content with his job after a rough few years

Cash for "bargains"

Great friends, especially the new ones that I have gained from this know who you are and thank you for being there.

The cat, who has taken over a pair of sweat pants headed for the trash as her new bed. Never thought I would have a cat but she has become one of the family.

The kids and grand kids


Kristie said...

Of course you couldn't leave that sale fabric at the store. That is my problem too. But I love it. I have a bad habit of stocking up on Walmart's $2 yd fabric.

So glad you got to spend some special time with the grandkids.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Happy New Year Norma! I like your determination to 'declutter in 2008' - I wish I could just chuck some stuff away, but oooh, I might just need it all someday!

Darlene said...

I did some major decluttering two years ago when we moved and now I'm doing it again. I kept stuff I thought I needed to keep and now it's got to go! LOL

I hope that you'll find the peace you seek - I understand about family challenges and such. Sigh!
Consider yourself ((HUGGED))

Amelia said...

I like your way of "decluttering". Adding fabric is better than having to add another pill to your daily routine.

I too picked up some neat Christmas fabric when Hancocks marked it to 75% off.