Thursday, January 24, 2008

Made My Day

I have posted before how I was not happy with Colin's Christmas quilt. I had the long list of reasons that I won't repeat again but I was feeling better when DD told me how he used it.

Today he was here because he has pink eye and couldn't go to school. He found a scrap of the car focus fabric and said, "Hey, these are my cars." I told him that it was the last piece, the rest had gone into his quilt. He said, "You know what, Nana? I have named some of those cars on my quilt. One is Axle and one is Bolt." DD said that was the first she had heard about it so he must have been looking at the cars on his own. That kid just made my day! It was great when DD told me how he enjoyed it, but having him tell me was the best!

I started to quilt because I wanted to make memories for my loved ones and hopefully leave behind something useable for them to remember me by........he told me today that if I never take another stitch, I have accomplished my goal.


Belvie said...

Goal Accomplished!! I agree.

I have a feeling that quilt is more special to that little boy than you will ever know. Bet if you could ask him when he is grown, he would still remember the names of the cars!

Darlene said...

Wow, that will put a bounce in your step. :-) A memory that will make you smile everytime it crosses your mind.

Beth said...

That is a sweet SWEET story! I hope to share mine one day....IF I get any grands...and I hope to be called Mimi (that will make me a 3rd generation Mimi!)

Amelia said...

You have truly accomplished a mission for this grandson...the mission was "creating a memory". He seems to appreciate it...believe you me that is important some do not appreciate all the hardwork that goes into a quilt.

Hazel said...

How sweet I bet you just wanted to hug him . They say kids always tell the truth ,well that little boy was giving his grandma more love then he could ever imagine .You should feel very special .

Finn said...

Hi Norma, what a wonderful memory your grandson gave you *VBS* That one is priceless as they say in the Visa ad!
Soooo happy YOU got to hear it, really hear it!
All my best dear friend, big hugs, Finn

Tropical Screamer said...

How wonderfully touching.

When I went to CA to help DS with his broken elbow, one of the first things I saw was the quilt I made for him for his 30th birthday.

He said he leaves it on his bed even in Summer because it makes him think of home.

Makes every little stitch worthwhile, doesn't it, when we find our quilts are truly loved.