Thursday, January 17, 2008

De-clutter Update

I have a several stacks of boxes of clutter stuff. Some is garage sale and already priced, some is donation that is headed to Goodwill this afternoon and some is stuff that we will take to our son's house. I spent a nice evening the other night running paper through the shredder, although I have a lot more of that to go when I clean out the filing cabinet and the desk. Good news is I am still motivated and that is a switch. Normally I start out with a big BANG and end with a whimper not long after.

Several folks have joined in with the quest to de-clutter their lives and just reading about that helps motivate me. I have to tell you that I was really embarrassed that the paper I ran through the shredder had been sitting here to be filed but when I looked at it, it was so old that I needed to just get rid of it. I have looked at that stack of paper for over a year!

Shelina has a great post about her de-clutter and her motivation. It really breaks this whole thing down to one have got to get up and do it. Simple as that. Belvie keeps me going with her emails telling what she is doing with her organization effort. It reminds me of when I went to Weight Watcher's. Knowing there are others out there with the same mess to deal with is empowering for some reason.

A lot of what I am getting rid of, I have a emotional attachment to. So I am dealing with so much mental stuff that this is a healthy thing. Moving on is good for one's soul. I picked up the kid's books, revisited my memories of the time we spent reading them and then, out they go. The memories will remain and the books can go to some other child that hopefully will enjoy them as much as we did. So, on to make new memories.

Now there is the quilting clutter. Not sure how I am going to decide what goes and what stays? I do know that it is the worst part of the house and I am saving it for last, mostly because I do NOT know where to start. That is a project for next week, no doubt all week! So if I am not heard of for awhile, send help. I might be buried under a bunch of fallen fabric, books and notions, not to mention WIP.


Amelia said...

You are a busy lady! I have collected some papers that need to be shredded - since my shredder will only do one page at a time...I have set aside for when we are burning stuff in the burn pile outside.

Quilting Pirate said...

yah for declutting!! I too am in the same boat....removing/donating lots of stash and ufo's, it's very mind boggling and I know it's not healthy to have a hording mentality. I think it holds me back in other areas of my life, like eating better, losing weight, workout - etc. I think it's really a control thing I'm ready to let go and focus on things I really want to do besides hording. Pay off debts, travel more, save for grandkids.