Thursday, January 31, 2008

Someone is Successful

After reading Finn's comment that she had tried a braided quilt that went down the same ragged road as mine and Linda's, I was wondering if anyone had done one successfully. I got my pattern from my sister, who kept telling me about the beautiful braid quilts her boss was making but I never saw one.

I was just looking for a bag pattern that Belvie made on the Welsh Quilter blog. As I was reading, Andrea (Welsh Quilter) mentioned that her in laws loved the braided quilt. So.....she has posted pictures of a lovely one. So, someone can do it. Wonder if she gives lessons? I am encouraged, might try again in ten years.

Now I need to go back and find that bag pattern. I am soooooo easily distracted in my advancing years!


Amelia said...

Sometimes we just need to see it done in person...not just read about it and look at pictures.

Maybe wait awhile and try it again.

Who knows - maybe this just is not your cup of tea...but bet you can do things that Belvie can not do. Don't beat yourself up!!!

Beth said...

I'm about to post a picture of a pioneer braid I'm doing as a border. So FAR, I have had no problems..BUT I have yet to APPLY it to the center! You may hear me saying a FEW choice words when I get to that point!

Kristie said...

I think they are beautiful, but I have never tried one. I don't have the nerve and they look a little hard. A lady in my quilt guild made one and said it was very easy, but I'm not convinced that it is that easy.

Tropical Screamer said...

A local quilter I met made several and said it essential to cut the strips the exact same way on the grain of the fabric.

She also said that any differences in the weight of the fabrics would cause difficulties. She always used "fabric families" to make her braid quilts.

I nodded and filed the info away, but I don't think I'll ever make one.

But who knows. They are so pretty.

Best regards,

Debi said...

Braid quilts are beautiful, although I have never made one. Please visit my blog for my latest give away.

Katie said...

I sewed a little braid just to see how it was done. It is an UFO in MI. Seems like the finished one I saw had straight strips between the braids.