Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jan. in AZ

If you saw this picture just about anywhere else, you would think "fall". In the desert, it's called January. This tree will drop these leaves, then through Feb. drop the nasty little seed things and then bloom a beautiful white flower that lasts about a week, then the next week will fill out with green leaves. It is a very fast cycle but fun to watch. If you blink twice, you miss the entire thing.

It makes a real mess with the little seed things and the great white hunter threatens to cut it down on a yearly basis, but then it gets so pretty that we can't do it. He does comment a lot this time of year about how he would rather rake leaves than shovel snow.

Had a great day yesterday. The great white hunter and I went to lunch with DD and the grand kids. Then he went to work and we took our Christmas returns back to the stores. We came back here and Julia and I sewed her quilt patches together in rows. Next we will sew the rows together. This is a slow process as it gets kind of intense with her sewing on my lap but she is not sure enough of herself to use the foot petal on the machine. She did really well guiding the fabric through though so it won't be long. When we finish this doll quilt, she wants to make a hot pad for her other grandmother out of the scraps and after that one for Mom. I think I have a quilter here! I also think that I LOVE it! I will post a picture of the doll quilt soon.


Amelia said...

Boy, your fall season is short. Like you say blink twice and it is gone.

Making such sweet memories with Julia in sewing on the quilt. I hope you are taking pictures (even though you are not posting them) of this wonderful event.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Dh was just saying yesterday (Sat.), wow, who woulda thunk, the leaves are changing in JANUARY! Great minds and all that!

Spent Sat. up on Mt. Lemmon. WOW. Blog entry when I wake up! 8^)