Wednesday, January 9, 2008

De-Clutter Moves to the Attic

Today when the great white hunter put the Christmas decorations in the attic, he also brought down lots of boxes we had stored up there.

Our oldest son is disabled from a head injury from a accident in early 90's. He was in the hospital and rehab centers for several years and we boxed up all his things, not knowing what his future held. He now lives in an apt. complex for disabled people, is wheel chair bound and has no use of his right hand or leg. There is mental injury too, so resuming a life we had hoped for never happened. So, time has come to deal with all that stuff! Again, this is more than a physical clean it out, move on thing, it is another mental one. It is a good one also.

So, we are going though all the boxes, a few at a time, together. A lot of it is Navy uniforms as he had just gotten out of the Navy around the time of the accident. Other things are childhood things we saved, then there is just a lot of the normal stuff one collects. Very little is relevant to the life he lives now.

I am so glad to have this stuff out of the attic, we have talked about doing this several times but the temps in the attic most of the year make moving it a miserable job, so our timing is right.

Boy, Goodwill is going to LOVE me!!!

It feels so good to be doing some mental housekeeping as well as regular housekeeping. We are on a roll here.

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Amelia said...

You are moving right ahead with your proud of you!

Sorting the items belonging to your son is hard - but something that had to be done at some time or the other. Try to remember all the good times!!!

What about taking pictures of some of the things - keep the pictures and get rid of the item. My daughter wanted me to do that with placques and trophies she had won in I did. Perhaps then do a scrap booking page or pages on it. (that is - if you are into srapbooking.