Thursday, January 31, 2008

De-Clutter is Back On Track

After a completely lost week last week in my de-clutter journey, I am back at it. I have sorted the kids movies and priced them for the garage sale. That was a hard as getting rid of some of the books but, time has come. I will admit I did it once, then had to go back and do it again with what I kept, but I finally reached the goal on that one.

Last night I sorted and priced all the things I have gathered so far and started another donation box. I could post a picture but you know what boxes look like, right? Best thing about that was I told my self when I have at least two donation boxes, I could make another Good Will trip. I am using what ever motivation I can find out there!

I have started on the sewing room but that is slow going. I need to find some motivation there to part with something. It would be counter productive to say if I get rid of something I could buy more! Just moving around in there should be motivation and the shame in that messy room even more, but so far that hasn't worked. Oh well, it is out there somewhere and will come to me soon, I hope!

I can't believe I have been at this a month. It is really just three weeks, I guess, because I blew last week off but it seems to be taking forever. At this rate, I will have to start again back where I started once I finish. NO, NO.....the idea is not to let it ever get back to where it was. Maybe I better just drop off my donation at Good Will and forget the shopping trip?

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