Monday, January 14, 2008

Will Wonders Ever Cease?

I won a Manic Monday Offering on Toni's blog! She has been doing these cool give aways for several months and I put my name in but never won. So, I am taking this as a sign that 2008 is going to be a GOOD year. Now, wonder if I should run to the casino while the star over my head is still shinning? Maybe go buy a lottery ticket? Does luck work like that?

Thanks Toni! She has been a blogger friend from the very start so that makes it even more fun.


Amelia said...

Congrats on your name being chosen!Surpries gifts that are exciting are great!

Quilting Pirate said... if you win the lottery or at the slots, you have to share!! :D

And just think you can win again (on the Manic Mondays, that is!)

Finn said...

Hey Norma, congratulations on winning!!! I hope it's a wonderful surprise for you *VBS*. You deserve the best! Love what you are putting on your sidebar...way to go girl!!! Big hugs, Finn