Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What It Was Made For

I have been bemoaning my not so "perfect" quilts lately. Sorry, but I am so in awe of some of the skill that other quilter's have.

I was telling my DD that I was just not happy with Colin's Christmas quilt. The colors were really close to one that I made for him to keep at our house, and I had a few other complaints too. So, I told her I needed to make him one to replace it.

She said in a dry voice, "You know, Mom, Colin's quilt is just fine. He has used it exactly like you wanted. It has been a fort, a tent, a boat and a island. He has sat on it, laid on it and wrapped up in it. It's not going to last long with his kind of loving it, so let him enjoy it and THEN make him another one." OK, I get the message and she is right (you too, Finn and Fitzy). I wanted the kids to have a quilt to use and abuse and neither one of them has looked at it to see if everything is perfect! Julia was really pleased that they both had labels on them. She said when we make her quilt on her sewing machine, we should put a "I love my baby. XO XO Julia". I will shut up about my skills, I promise. I might not do perfection but hey, those quilts have "heart" to quote Tonya. (Lazy Gal)


Amelia said...

So what - if they are not perfect...the quilt was made for Colin with love and he loves using it for all kinds of playing.Also be seems to be quite appreciative of it.

Probably the most important thing is we learn by our mistakes (some times it may take several attempts/quilts)to correct just one problem.

You will sew "lots of love" into each and every stitch -that is the main objective.

Quilting Pirate said...

we are all our worst critics! Sometimes we need just to look through our recipients eyes and realize how much they will love and appreciate what we do.

Now we can be perfect on our own quilts....but normally I don't keep my quilts :D


Kristie said...

Quilts are not meant to be perfect, that is what makes each one so different. And if they all turned out perfect we would grow bored. You are too hard on yourself.

Hazel said...

Oh judge your quilts on how they are loved ,not perfection .I love to see one of my quilts showing age ,it just means someone has loved the life out of them .