Sunday, January 27, 2008

No De-clutter Any Thing This Week

The de-clutter movement at my house was like a balloon this week. It was all blown up and slowly deflated.............ssssssssssssssss.

So, need to set some new goals for this week and get back on track. First goal is to price a bunch of garage sale stuff and pack it up better. The second goal is to do the kids movies, pricing as I go. Last but not least, get started on the sewing room. I had planned that for last week but had Colin here with pinkeye and just fooled around the rest of the week. I am not quilting because to be honest, every time I go in that room, I look around and then just walk out and close the door. Hope to have some progress for the side bar this week!


Amelia said...

New week - new opportunity to get stuff done...but main thing is to smell the roses along the way. In 50 years from now who will know if you priced the garage sale stuff or not. Grandson will know that his loving grandmother took care of him when he had the pink eye and also made him a very special quilt with cars on it.

Enough of my philosophy for the day.

Enjoy your week in whatever you decide to do!

Tropical Screamer said...

When DS came to stay with us for Christmas, I had to clear up my workroom enough to fit in a futon for him to use. (The blow-up bed we had for his last visit was just too uncomfortable.)

I actually have floor in there now. And all my fabrics and sewing machine are on the same work table. Now if the stack on my worktable was under five feet tall I'd be all set. LOL.


Belvie said...

Remember...there will be times like this when nothing goes as we want it. Maybe this week will be better! I'll be checking on you! Even if one thing gets done...that's progress.

Katie said...

Oh that getting things ready for the rummage sale and then doing it. Oh, don't forget the clean up afterward. Unless I have enough for lots of $$, I have started donating instead. I also have a rule that says for every new thing that I bring into the house, I must take one other thing out. I don't always succeed, but am getting better at it. Another of my problems is that clutter does not bother me. It does make it harder to find things but I just am a clutter person. I suggest you start a new sewing project. :)

Katie said...

Oh, I should have mentioned that I finally got all your posts read while I was gone. Sure did miss visiting you and am glad to be back now.

Linda_J said...

I admire your efforts to de-clutter. Somethings are hard to let go of and the sewing room may just feel daunting at the moment.

Many of us seem to have caught the bug and used the year change as a way to a fresh start. Judging from your sidebar, you have made some good progress, Norma!

At my house, I've gone through the clothing closets, the dresser drawers, sewing room notebooks, file drawers but I really need to cast a critical eye at the books---of all varieties. The Friends of the Library sale will be coming up soon or they can go to the local thrift stores too. Cookbooks would be a good start---too many in the collection that I honestly never use. I got some of my grandma's when she passed way recently so those I hate to get rid of.