Thursday, December 20, 2007

End of a Journey

I find it mind boggling how so many of the quilter's out there post pictures of finished quilts just days after they show the start. It doesn't work that way with me, each quilt is a ordeal from start to finish. I find a pattern, I dig in my stash for fabric, I make six trips to look at fabric on the bolt, and come home empty handed. Then I drag the great white hunter to help and we struggle. I buy fabric, get started and then go buy more. I cut and pin and wear out a seam ripper BEFORE I see real progress. Then I say, "to heck with it." I stop stressing and forge on ahead. Then there is the sandwich and the tie process, which is shorter than quilting yet pretty labor intensive. On to the binding and label finally and by then I am so happy to be done with it!

They say its the destination that counts, not the journey and it is a good thing. My journeys are slow and involve much hair pulling on my part.

The "I think I will make the grand kids a quilt for Christmas" journey is over and all I have to say is. "Thank goodness!"

Here is Colin's quilt, ready to bag up for under the tree.

This is Julia's quilt in one of the cute bags we found at Michael's for the quilts. Colin's will go in a bag just like it once I get the label on.

The great white hunter and I bought 24 of these tins and I have been working to fill them as gifts for the folks he supervises at work. They have peanut brittle, white and milk chocolate coated pretzels, fudge, cookies and a chocolate candy. Kept me busy for a day or so! I am excited that they go to work with him tomorrow when they have a pizza/sub sandwich Christmas get together planned.

This will be my last post until after Christmas. I send good wishes to you all for a safe and happy holiday with your loved ones. May 2008 be a good quilty year for you all!

My Santa wish...........that more of you who stop by would say hello now and then. I would really like to get to know more of you.


By far, my great white hunter

My children, our son in law and daughter in law who make them happy, and the blessing of those two little ones in our lives.

Relative good health

The means to do what I love and enjoy in my daily life. I am truly blessed and I do not take any of those blessings lightly.


Beth said...

Merry Christmas Norma! Aren't we glad we dont' have to shovel to get to the car? Just dont' get impatient with the garage door like I did. I did'nt wait till the door was all the way up and tried to back out! I was very lucky to get the car out and the door closed. ::;sigh::::: cute quilts!

QuiltingFitzy said...

All your AZ friends are checkin' in I see!

I'm a sewing slow-poke too. Oh, who cares. We get done what we get done.

Many Merry Christmas hugs!

Finn said...

The quilts look absolutely wonderful Norma! And what great bags to put them in....truly a gift to find something so nice to use as wrapping!
You are a glutton for punishment, filling all those tins! I'm sure they will be much appreciated and 'yum yum'd over.
Hope your holiday was the merriest! Big hugs, Finn