Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blahs Cure

When I was a girl and got the blues, my mother used to tell me that women went and bought a new hat to make them feel better. I didn't wear hats so she said to go get a new lipstick or a new bottle of nail polish and it would help. So, beings I no longer wear lipstick and I just got a new bottle of nail polish in my Christmas stocking, I gathered myself up yesterday and went to JOANN'S. Big surprise, huh?

They had a nice sale and I had a 50% off coupon. This is what I bought instead of a new hat.

I think this is going to be great, I have a pattern for a table runner out of one of their magazines that uses this and it looks like it makes things really easy and fast. I will let you know.

After I got home, I was thinking about some of my other quilting notion purchases, you know the ones you just had to have and never use? Here are a few.....

Now this I had to have! I saw it on TV, looked for it on line and then found it locally. OK, got it home and spent a long time trying to figure it out, then decided that it was taking way too long to figure out if it was supposed to HELP and besides, did not want anything that I was supposed to TAPE to the bed of my beloved machine. Threw that one in the drawer where it has been ever since.

This seemed like such a great idea that I bought it twice! I was happy to see from the price tag that it didn't cost much but the first one I bought, I ordered and paid more postage than I did for it. Tried it both times I bought it, threw both in the same drawer as the above.

These I bought, never tried but they were in that same drawer.

Last but not least, I must like triangle rulers. The drawer has these three. Now I will plead the fact that they are different brands and each one is just a little different than the other one. Did I realize there were three of these? Have I used any of them? Ah, no, they were in that drawer too.

I don't think all of these goodies were bought in place of a hat but a I think a couple were. Do we see a pattern here?

So, what is in your "had to have it, never use it, forgot I have it" drawer?


Amelia said...

I, too, have several items I have purchased and not used. Actually, some of the items you showed in this post. When Simply quilts was on HGTV on a regular basis I would see things being used there and I would want to get them. Some I could find here locally and some I ordered.

I think all of us buy items that make us happy at the time. As long as the expense is not too much...why not? Most things are cheaper than paying for a session with a psychiatrist.

Norma, I am so glad you are back to your perky self again.

Amelia in windy Oklahoma

jovaliquilts said...

I buy patterns that I hope to make someday, but I will have to live longer than Methuselah to make them all!

Our guild has a couple good ways to get rid of these things. On the premise that one woman's trash is another woman's treasure, we have auctions for the stuff we no longer want. And we also do a gift exchange during the holidays -- everyone wraps up some quilty thing they no longer want and we play games to see who ends up with which box.

Beth said...

Hey! I have been looking for that Easy Angle ruler...wanna make a trade? need some backing ::::grin:::: I am supposed to be using it for the mystery at called Orange Crush...

Belvie said...

Oh boy....I'm guilty of those "gotta have it" purchases too. I'll have to see if I can come up with some pics and post them and link back to you. I know one of mine is that blue thingie you bought 2 of...the Quilters Quarter. I gave mine away!

Carol Van Rooy said...

I'm often like that with anything knitting. When I get the ambition to do a pattern, I have to do it then and there. Rather than hunt for the correct pair of needles, I often buy another pair. I'm sure if I rounded them all up, I've probably a zillions of the same size pairs.

I realized this also, when I went to paint Dalton's bedroom. Somethings you only need buy once, but for how often you need the item - you can NEVER FIND IT WHEN YOU NEED IT.

Katie said...

I tied to use that angle maker thing that goes on the sewing machine several times and then sent it to the senior center rummage sale. I once took a class that used those thangles. At the end of the class I gave the rest of my thangles to someone else. One person's trash is another's treasure, huh?
I may still have a large square ruler that has slots to cut through. It is never accurate. If I haven't already done it, I need to send it to another home. I just used a bias strip maker that I had bought, probably when I needed a hat, and hadn't used until today. I love it. You never know.

Finn said...

Yup, you're not alone in that Norma *VBS* I think we all do a version of it. I've never been much of a 'short cut' or 'gadget' person. I'm always a bit suspicious of things that make life easier..LOL, I think "ya, right".
But I do have one of those 'tape to your machine' things for the quick sew and flip squares. Trouble is that I have to remove it to get at my bobbin! So I don't use it...natch!
Triangle rulers? Yup, got them too. Use them? Nope,not much. I do see that you have the Easy Angle, and that's a GOOD one, with lots of uses. I think Bonnie might have a tutorial on it, and I know she uses her alot. Or put EZ Quilting into a search engine and go to the EZ web site. Lots of good patterns and directions for using their products.
Hope the blahs are gone soon. Big, big hugs, Finn