Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I have the "blahs". No motivation to do anything and the day seems really long. I feel like I am pushing through a fog.

DD says it is the let down from being busy to get ready for company, having the company and then, back to normal life. She may be right, I have been busy since Jan. when I made my resolution to de-clutter my life and my house. I could still do more but for the most part, cupboards, drawers, and closets are neat and tidy.

My idea was if I got better control over the house work part of my life, I would have more time and motivation to quilt. Okay, so now that I can, how come I don't want to get up off my you know what and go do it? I even have a list with the things I want to finish all in order.........last week I was excited about this, today, its not looking so great. "sigh"


Carol Van Rooy said...

I find it weird. The more I have going on other than what I want to do, the less I get done.

Sometimes, all we need is to sit back, take a break and re-organize the priorities.

I hope you get past the duldrums soon.

Joan said...

I've had these same kind of days. The best idea is to recognize it early in the day and just "give in" and not do a blessed thing. Call it a mental health day. If you let go of the guilt you can really enjoy such a day now and then!

Amelia said...

We all have those type days - or at least I believe we do.

Tomorrow may be better or at least next week. Just enjoy the down time - perhaps your body is telling you to take it easy for a day or two.

Hugs from Oklahoma xoxox

Belvie said...

I have times like that too. Keep your list somewhere easy to find and tell yourself it is OK to go for a while without a project. Then just relax and sit on your "you know what" until that sewing/quilting urge hits you again. I would say you have spring fever...but it sounds like you guys are already experiencing summer....so we'll call it summer fever!!

Katie said...

How would we know we are having a wonderful day, if we didn't have the yucky ones to compare it to?