Monday, April 7, 2008

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries and Cherry Mash

Look what the great white hunter brought me from Oklahoma! He took a quick trip last week to see his mother and his aunt. He also brought me two bags of local pecans, which are wonderful. A Cherry Mash is a center of very sweet cherry stuff, surrounded with chocolate with chopped peanuts. It is a blast of sweet, almost too much at first but then heavenly.

Cherry Mash was one of my all time favorite candy bars as a teenager/young adult in Colorado. Candy bars were about a nickel when I was really young and before that I bought what we called "pick candy" from a office supply/candy store on my way to school. There was a big glass case and we would all stand and wait our turn to "Pick" out our two or three cents, or even 5 cents worth on a good day. Mrs Cass would put the candy in a bag and take our pennies. We all thought she was mean but gee, the woman must have had great patience to stand there for a hour and sell candy to all these little kids who could not make up their mind how to spend three cents. The variety was huge, at least to a seven or eight year old. There was bubble gum and suckers, licorice and jelly beans, pixie sticks and sticks made from wax full of sweet liquid and wax lips. The holidays meant special varieties to choose from.

As I got older, I had more chances to make a nickel here and there running errands and doing chores, and too, smarts enough to flat out ask for a nickel now and then from a loving relative. I moved on to packaged candy and candy bars. Finn mentioned Sugar Daddy Suckers, Sugar Babies. There were Root Beer Kegs, Black Crows and Dots, Boston Baked Beans, Big Hunk and on and on. I loved chocolate so a candy bar was a normal choice.

Then came the magic money maker.....BABY SITTING! I did a lot of that, I was very "dependable". That meant I had more cash for my beloved candy and I discovered Cherry Mash candy bars. They cost a little more than the Hersey Bars or Baby Ruth, Butter Finger or others. Sometimes though, my frugal self showed up even then and I would buy two of the cheaper bars instead of the more expensive Cherry Mash.

When I left home for the first time as a newlywed, it was to California...........Land of NO Cherry Mash. Seems the distribution of Cherry Mash stops at the Rocky Mountains. When we went back to visit, I used to buy all the Cherry Mash I could afford and take them home. More than once, my candy was a melted glob when I got where I was going from sitting in a hot car. No matter, still tasted like Cherry Mash. My sister started sending them to me in her Christmas box and I sometimes, if I absolutely had to, shared with my family.

So, when my sweetie saw the Cherry Mash at the OK Walmart, he bought two bags. Now, I am old and diabetic but.........if I am very careful, I think I can eat a half of one with no blood sugar explosion! I am saving that for tonight and believe me I will enjoy every nibble!

"Life is just a bowl of cherries" is what the red and white print in my quilt says. I thought it went well with my stash of candy bars. I am so glad this one is done. I have been looking for a day bed set for this bed for long time. The ones I found were either too frilly or too tailored. I am pleased with this. Now this is the bed I normally pile fabric and all sorts of things I need to put away on. No more, so I am in hopes it will spur me to use better organization of the sewing room.
It is a nice relief to have it finally done and on the bed. Our friend arrives tomorrow.


Carol Van Rooy said...

Wow, that hidden nine patch looks wonderful. I also love how you did the pillow.

My husband would be envious. He seems to love red and white colour combinations. I think he's a tad bit over-CANADIAN.

Kristie said...

I just love reading your stories!!! The candy sounds sooooo good, such a sweet hubby! I love the quilt, red is one of my favorite colors!

Katie said...

I'm a dark chocolate covered cherry gal and always have been. Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries - both the name and the quilt - are just wonderful. Enjoy your visit with your friend.

Amelia said...

You sure brought back a lot of memories about the candy we ate as a child. Just a good trip down memory lane. That was so sweet of your honey to bring you the candy. Just eat a small amount so your blood sugar does not spike to some horrible figure.

Love the quilt and pillow on the day bed.

Enjoy your company!

Amelia in Oklahoma

Beth said...

What a pretty cheery quilt! now you need a pillow of the saying by Mary Englebreit "Life is just a chair of bowlies"! She tickles my funny bone.. Lucky guest with a quilt like that to snuggle under. Is it getting hot at your house too? :::sniff::: we will hit 90 on Sunday. At least the D-backs are playing!

Belvie said...

That quilt is just beautiful! Your dust ruffle and pillows look great. Any guest should feel honored to sleep there.

Never heard of cherry mash, but it sounds good. Boy do I remember rootbeer barrels though! Haven't seen those in ages, but like you, I don't need them anyway because of diabetes!

jovaliquilts said...

I must have had a deprived childhood, because I don't remember Cherry Mash. But I do remember wax lips and those little bottles with the liquid. Yum! Love your quilt, and it does indeed match your cherry mash perfectly. :)

Finn said...

The quilt looks wonderful Norma! I absolutely LOVE it1 I love almost all red and white quilts *VBS*
The candy bars sound yummy, nothing I've ever run into in my travels. Do be careful of the blood sugar, but enjoy every tiny nibble!!! Lucky you! Glad that the Great White Hunter is home again, safely. Hugs, Finn