Sunday, April 20, 2008

It Works!

I mentioned buying the Fon's and Porter Easy Diagonal Sets Ruler at Joann's the other day. I had found a pattern for a table runner in one of their magazines that had a lesson on how to use the ruler. I really liked the pattern, and one thing lead to another, in spite of my resolution NOT to start anything new until I finished a few things. I am weak and have NO will power is all I can say to that.

This has six setting triangles. To cut them, you look on the front of the ruler and find your block size line (6 in finished) then on the side of the ruler, it tells you how wide to cut your strip. (4 3/4 inches). Line up the block size line on the bottom of the fabric strip and cut the triangle............then flip and do the next one until you have what you need. I was thrilled how easy it was and how well they fit. Now if you have done diagonal sets before and are good with the math and cutting, you might not need this, but for me it was a great help. I can not wait to do a quilt with my blocks on point!

This is the flimsy..........I am going to hand quilt it with the dark green on the back. I want to hand quilt a simple flower in the center of the off white blocks, something I have never done before.........I just have done a outline quilting stitch. I did have a few problems with the slant part where the bottom border and the side borders fit, but after I adjusted it, it looked great. You can see where I have it pinned on the top. That was a learning process and I was pleased that it went well. least I finally bought something that I can and will use! As I have said before, quilting is a journey and this one was a good trip with a great ending. I might figure this all out if I live long enough!


Amelia said...

Wonderful looking. So the money for the purchase was well spent.

I have only made one quilt with the blocks on point. It was a journey all right - it turned out fair. My quilting experience is greater now - so perhaps I need to try again.

Be sure to show us pictures when it is finished.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Belvie said...

Pretty tablerunner! Thanks for the review of the ruler. Everytime I do something on point....I spend hours with the calculator and graph paper figuring out what sizes to cut.

jovaliquilts said...

I bought that ruler, too, thinking I need to set something on point. Thanks for the explanation and encouragement!

That table runner is perfect for showcasing a quilting motif in those white squares. Have at it!

Anonymous said...
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Ms Dragonfly said...

i admire your patience to create these things :)

Granny Lyn said...

oh, oh, oh, I wish I would have read this before I went shopping last week, these rulers were on sale, and I'm so NOT a ruler person, (I only have 3) but I mulled it over and decided against it, now I am compelled to buy it, and it's full price, drats!

I love the table topper!