Thursday, November 15, 2007

Anybody Have One of These?

The great white hunter and I bought one of these for our grand daughter for Christmas. We bought her a toy Singer sewing machine last year but it was just that, a toy. It was a cute replica but useless to sew with. She wants to sew like Nana and we want to encourage it. We also wanted something for her to grow with but not too difficult to start. So, we found this at Hancock's today and it seemed to be ideal. I opened it and threaded it along with a bobbin and sewed a couple of seams. It seemed to work really well and was easy to thread. It doesn't go as fast as a regular machine and I liked that because when she sewed on my machine, it seemed to scare her a little.

The box has a big blurb on it saying it is NOT a toy and says ages 8+. She will be using it only with my close supervision so that is not a problem.

It comes with three bobbins and one extra needle and a good instruction book. No where in the book does it say what type needle to buy, just the number size of the needle. So, will need to find that out, the Janome site doesn't show this machine at all.

I know some of you buy these smaller machines for classes and travel, wondered what you think? Thanks!


QuiltingFitzy said...

You MUST email me with the price you paid. DD#3 SO wants a sewing maching for Christmas, yet needs money for her ski trip. She doesn't want to make fancy things, but wants one for her crafting. This might be perfect.

The fact that it has bobbins is wonderful. I would imagine it will take any needle just like a regular one will, depending on whatever fabric you are using, ie., jeans, quilting, ball point, etc. The shaft size will all be pretty consistant.

One word of advice tho, go buy bobbins that match EXACTLY. I have bobbins that are supposed to fit my Janome but are not exactly the same in appearance. All I end up with is trouble..skipping stitches and thread knots. They must be "a silly millimeter" smaller.

julieQ said...

cool!! I like the little machine. I have seen piles of these at pretty reasonable prices. Tempting, but I am not supposed to buying anything else for sewing, right??