Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Now

I just had to get rid of that green in Julia's quilt. Honestly, it made me want to run and hide just looking at it. So, the great white hunter and I hit two fabric stores today and stood and compared, discussed, agreed, disagreed and finally hit pay dirt. Now I disagreed a little because I didn't care for the price of what we found but, he said "Just don't look at the price and let's go." I love that man!

He is a lot of help choosing colors and doesn't mind going to fabric shops or quilt shows with me. I am a lucky lady. (of course, he was with me when WE bought the sick green too, but we all make mistakes!)

I am happy with the result. My new seam ripper and I will spend some quality time this weekend. Now any suggestions what to do with that awful green?


QuiltingFitzy said...

WAY back in my blog archives I posted a quilt I did from these zanny colors. It was a pinwheel of bright orange, bright pink and bright green. I think it worked, so call me crazy.

Beth said...

I am a blue girl by choice..but I love all brights. Even day glo green! Find someone who will appreciate it...or use it up in a scrap quilt.

Catherine said...

The bright green is wonderful -- why not use it with some black? It could be really striking as the background for some silhouette applique.