Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sunglasses Recommended

This one might just glow in the dark and keep her awake at night! I couldn't find fabric that I felt went well with the other cats on the focus fabric so went with the green for the green kitty. Wow, it does kind of jump out at you. Good thing that seven year old girls like bright colors. I am in hopes when I add the pink border it will come together, please tell me it will come together!!!

This is the very reason I hate to pick out fabric, I am never sure what the end result will be. Oh well, she will love it because Nana made it just for her. Nana might cringe every time she sees it but live and learn.

This is the 9 patch that you start with, then slice it down the center and then slice those two pieces down the center.

This is what you get. I love this, it is quick and easy, however, if I do another one I will make sure that my focus fabric is not going in one direction. Keeping those squares straight was not fun. I know for most, it would be no problem but, it was definately for me. I will forever be in the learning stages of this quilting thing.

My red and white quilt using this pattern is almost done. I just need to add another row to the bottom to make it long enough for the day bed. I found a white dust ruffle at Wal Mart but I will need to modify it for the day bed. It has three sides but not the three sides that a day bed ruffle has. So, need to take some off the back and put it on the side. Think this will be a "after the holidays" project.


QuiltingFitzy said...

It sure is bright! I did one really bright one and swore NEVER AGAIN, lol. Yeah, right.

You did a great job picking colors! Don't be so hard on yourself. She's gonna love it!!!

I'm with you on the directional stuff, I think I'm going to try to NOT buy any, it's too difficult - no, it's too disappointing! (It's always discovered TOO late!)

Katie said...

I love those colors and I'm sure it is going to be really loved. These are the colors of today!