Friday, November 23, 2007

Crazy Nana

The great white hunter had to be a work this morning at five, so we were up about four. DD picked me up at five and we hit Kohl's big sale. We stood in a check out line for over a hour and this is what NANA bought!

They are really soft and when you squeeze them, they chatter. The "chatter" is just a bunch of weird sounds! The kids will love them and what better thing for a Nana to do with her time?

We had a great day yesterday, full of family and good food. Julia's seventh birthday is today so we celebrated that while we were all together. We have so much to be thankful for, we are truly blessed.


QuiltingFitzy said...

Crazy is right!

I had to take dh to work at 4am Friday morning and sailed right past an already packed Kohls. Nuts to that. We were down to one car, with one in the shop. I think that just became our Christmas presents.

Finn said...

Hi Norma,just had to pop over and say hello! Always nice to see a new face, and I see we are both part of the More Quilting for Fun!
Thanks so much for the lovely email and link to your blog. I'm just delighted to be sharing the little Holly Jollys with my friends in blogland. The pattern for them is years and years old, and they have lain neglected for too long!
I have a little Janome..same size as you bought, but a different name on the front. Mine is a Sew Petite, which I think is a slightly older model of the same machine.
It does only have ONE speed, and its not a fast one, but that isn't all bad. There is no off/on switch..when you step on the petal it goes, when you stop, it stops. I find it a bit noisy compared to my Pfaff, but not exceptionally so.
As an older person I wish there was a light on it, but a lamp behind works well.
I know that Janome also makes the Brothers machines, so that might help in finding needles for it.
I checked the Janome site,online, looking for the Petite and what I found was their Miss Kitty(in turquoise no les with a decal of Miss Kitty). I think it's the same machine as ours. You may be able to get more information at the web site. Hollar if I can be of any help at all...I think you did a good thing in getting this machine for her. It's not a toy, and she should be able to use it for a lot of years before she needs another.
Love the way the quilt for Julia your color choices. Keep stitching, Hugs, Finn