Monday, November 5, 2007

Here goes, got my toes and fingers crossed, holding my breath so hopefully I can get a link that works on here for the quick quilt in the last post.

All of a sudden, I remembered what I needed to do to get the link to least I THINK! That's the funny thing about getting older. The information isn't lost, it just comes to you in installments! Oh dear, is that scary or what?

So here goes...........Life is a Stitch

So, dear Fitzy, it was not as bad as you thought here at my house. (very, very big sigh).


QuiltingFitzy said...


Glad you remembered cuz I forgot to send you the email.

Ya done good, I'm proud!!!


Su Bee said...

Yaa!!! Great link, and congratulations on making it work. Good Job!