Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Finn Got Me Off Track

Now it doesn't take much to get me way off track but Finn did it today. She has this great tutorial on her blog for a great Christmas table runner. I really wanted to do one for my table this year and this one is quick and easy. Check it out and you can join me up to my neck in several projects going all at once.

Here are my strips sub cut into four sections. They went together in a snap but I had to quit when I got this far. I have Julia's quilt on a table in the middle of the family room so I can tie it. If we are to move around tomorrow, I need to get with it.

Here is 1/2 a block that I sewed together just to see how my fabrics looked. The green is a little off in this picture. It has gold glitter specks in it and so does the light fabric. I used the WOF for my stips and have 22 so I can make a long runner or two smaller ones. I will decide when I see how it looks put together.


QuiltingFitzy said...

I hear ya about "more than one project", I'm just glad NONE of them have to be done by Christmas, lol. Well, the one should, but WHATEVER! hahaha

Lookin' good!

The Carolina Quilter said...

I'll have to refrain from starting yet another project just now. Trying to get one top quilted for nephew for Christmas and another top put together for Neice for Christmas and a week from today I have two basal cell cancers removed, one from the bridge of my nose, so will be out of commission for a week recouping! Yikes! Stress time.

Finn said...

Hi Norma, I think the sub set looks super! Hope you found some time to get the others together...it's easy to get side tracked, happens to me also *VBS* Big hugs, thanks for sewing along! Finn