Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Early Morning Observations When I Can't Sleep!

It is 4 in the morning and I am wide awake, not unusual for me, happens all the time. My mind goes a mile a minute and won't turn off so I will share my "random" thoughts for this morning.

I think the amazing thing about comments, that most people don't think about, is they lead you to new and interesting blogs to read. I always go check out the blog of someone who comments, and have made several friends that way. You know that "reach out and touch some body's hand" really works. I wish more folks would try it.

Morah commented on one of my posts and I went to see what "Fat Quarters" was all about. On Sunday, May 4, she had a post asking a question that really made me think, and in the end, come to a realization. She asked what kind of quilter are you? Are you a crafter who quilts or a quilter whose craft is quilting? I am proud to call myself a quilter but, got to say I am a crafter who quilts. The quilting process for me is a long one and I need some satisfaction now and then that happens NOW. I have gotten off the quilting track more than once lately. First I discovered that I had a real love of embroidery that I had forgotten and have done a few things with that, and made plans for several more. Making the rag rug was something I have wanted to do for a long time and I would love to do some knitting as well. In other words, I want to do it ALL! Over the years, I have done a little bit of everything, ceramics, embroidery, counted cross stitch, plastic canvas, knitting, crocheting, applique and cut and glue whatever. I think scrap booking is the only thing I didn't try. By the time that became popular, I knew myself and my habits well enough to know that it just was not something I would be successful doing.

So, which one are you? A crafter who quilts or a quilter whose craft is quilting?

My rag rug is moving along well. I have 26 inches done. Colin said he would like it just a bit bigger. He can sit on it but would like it to be big enough so he can put some toys on it too. It lays flat but seems really flexible and stretchy. I think there is a reason for making the rugs out of old clothing or true "rags". By the time the fabric makes it to a rug, it has been washed and worn enough that the give and stretch part of the fabric is gone. New fabric still has some give to it. Another one of my great observations for today!


Amelia said...

Sorry you couldn't sleep...hope it wasn't because of anything serious.

As to your questions regarding why I quilt...I suppose I am a crafter that quilts. I have never knitted...did embroidery (many years ago, have done a lot of garment sewing for me and my daughter, got pretty heavy into scrapbooking. Must say I enjoy the creative aspect to quilting...even if it is a pattern that has been used for eons...it is new to me.

Another thing - meeting people thru our blogs is wonderful...so glad I took the plunge a couple of years ago when I posted my first blog.

have a great day...take a nap perhaps? I know I will.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Belvie said...

I guess I would be a crafty quilter too....because I embroider, crochet, knit, tat, sew and quilt. I found out long ago that I should leave painting and such alone. I leave a little to be desired in art forms involving painting and drawing!

Your rug is beautiful!

jovaliquilts said...

I agree about finding blogs through comments -- people stop by mine and I discover them. I also check out blogs of people who make interesting comments on someone else's blog.

I have always loved crafty things, but never did very many. Just took up quilting 3 years ago, but already think of myself as primarily a quilter rather than a crafter. I find quilts so much more satisfying than other crafts. But I still do a little knitting and various other things, but my main focus is quilting.

Finn said...

Morning Norma, here I am with those slightly numb fingers...LOL. The rug looks wonderful, and of course Colin is absolutely right. Hard as it is, I think you gotta go out to 30" or even slightly more.
Don't worry about the stretch, it's just part of the bigger picture. I've put mine(3) in the washer and let them wash, spin out and tossed them in the dryer. No problems with any of that. Or I let them partly dry and then drape them across the washer lid. Do remember to stitch down the last of the stitches when you end. I go back and tuck in or under the beginning scrap and the same with the last one when I end off. That way there is no chance of unraveling.
Sorry you are having the "too wide awake" stuff also, 4 a.m. seems to be my new wake up time. But then I'm sleepy again by 7,so I crawl back into bed for an hour or two.
Regarding your question, *VBS*, you know my answer, I'm a quilter...through and through. But crafts done with fabric and thread are close to my heart. Never cared much for crafts that done use thread or fabric. Big hugs, Finn

Suzy Quilter said...

Hmmmm...I guess I'm a crafter who quilts. Because I also love to sew just about anything, cross stitch, scrapbook, crochet, and within the past year so so, I've taken up beading. But quilting is my first love. I've been predominantly quilting for the past 12 years, with some sewing smattered in, while the other things have pretty much fallen to the wayside. Quilty hugs! :o)

Katie said...

Guess I just like to create. I did scrapbooking when I was a teenager but of course didn't know it had a name. Well, it didn't then. I can create with words, food, camera and sewing machine or needle. Whatever I have, I think about what I could create with it. I have found so many types of quilting and enjoyed all of them.

Granny Lyn said...

Wow, you have evoked a thoughtful response from all of us,
I am positively a crafter. I have a "craft room" not just a "quilting studio" and it holds about every craft you can imagine, plus 12 bottles of glue to hold it all together! In fact, I need a "break" from quilting now and then (ie: the rag rug) to let my crafting juices run faster.

I love your rug!! the long stripes are absolutely perfect! mine are more like bits than stripes.

About waking up at 4:00, I did it for years, and my mind ran and it was like I was hyper. Had to get up and do something or I would go crazy! Now I'm passed that, but whew, it was hard to go to work all day after only 3 or 4 hours sleep!