Monday, May 5, 2008

Goodies in My Mailbox

I was so surprised today when I opened my mailbox and found the package from Bronwyn in Australia! I won her give away just a short while ago and it got here in record time. I sent a package to Canada one time and it took weeks!

So, what fun to open and find such wonderful goodies from Down Under. Here are the two quilt patterns that I am saving to relish this evening. The most fun part of this wonderful package is the pile of fabric charms plus a nice sized piece of print fabric. They were extras that she included for my JULIA! I had written that I had a grand daughter that would enjoy sharing my bag. She has a picture of a bag being held by her daughter on her blog and I knew from that, Julia would love it. I can just hardly wait to see Julia's face when I show her. She has her own fabric box to collect fabric to use with her Christmas sewing machine so I know she will be thrilled. I think the bigger piece of fabric is mine.........hehehe! The card she included is in front.

Now, am I not going to be the envy of the "bring your own shopping bag" set in my neighborhood? I can hardly wait. This bag is so special with its yo yo trim. (It is hard to see from this picture but there are large yo yo's in the center) She said in her blog that it was not a fancy bag. Let me tell you folks, it is pretty fancy. It is lined with the same fabric as the contrasting border.

This is the piece of chenille fabric she included. Not quite sure what I will do with this. It is so soft and wonderful and I hate to cut it. What I am wondering is, when you are 60 years old, can you still have a blanky to cuddle up with? Not a covering now, a snuggy to comfort you. I think this would fit the bill perfect! It reminds me of the soft chenille bedspreads we had when I was growing up ages ago.

Thank you Bronwyn so very much. My family is amazed that someone that I don't know would send me such a nice gift from so far away. I tell them that quilter's are family and distance doesn't mean anything when there is fabric involved. So, it has been a great day!


Amelia said...

What a nice gift from many miles away. It really arrived fast - considering the distance.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Bronwyn said...

Thank you Norma for such lovely things you have said. I have warm fuzzies all over me!

(Actually, I am very tempted to say don't look too close to the bag's stitching - machine was not sewing well on the day, but I won't) Hehe.

So very happy you like your pressies - enjoy!

jovaliquilts said...

What lovely gifts! The bag is great, and all the other things, too. And I hear you about chenille -- so soft.