Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Isn't She Lovely?'

I really, really did NOT want to start another collection of anything when I discovered the Jim Shore quilting angels. However, when my family finds something that I like, they provide it for me. So, quite a few angels and two large Santa's later, I have a nice collection of Jim Shore angels. This was a Mother's Day gift from DD and her family. "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling' is the title, she holds a basket of shamrocks and has a Irish Chain quilt with applique shamrocks on the back of her skirt along with some Celtic design on the border. She is just beautiful, her face is one of the most interesting of the angels, I think. She is my first musical one, the music box plays, of course, "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling". It seemed right to get this on Mother's Day. My dad was Irish on both sides but his maternal grandmother came from Ireland as a indentured servant. His mother, my beloved Grandma, was very proud of her Irish roots. This song was one of her favorites. Grandma was a big part of my life growing up and the angel brought back good thoughts of her on Mother's Day.

What else has been happening at my house? I am up to my neck in peaches! Every year, the great white hunter and I go pick peaches at a local orchard. Every year, we pick way too many peaches. The kids took some, he took some to work and I made a cobbler and two batches of peach jam. In years past, I made four or five batches but we just don't eat as much of it anymore. When I was working, I used it for gifts as did DD, but life circumstances have changed. The refrig is full of peaches and after I do this post, I am doing a search for peach recipes. I tried canning them one year and it was such a mess that I decided that was not for me. Might just end up freezing them and I am open to any and all hints anyone might have. Best part of the peaches is slicing them on my morning cereal.......yummmmy!

The rag rug is going along wonderfully! I am sewing strips and crocheting like a good fellow. So much so that my hands are just a little sore and I might have to take a break. It measured about 21 inches in this picture but I added a couple of rows since then. Quilting is sitting waiting for me but doing what I want to do when I want to do it here. I am even planning the next one.

On a end note, the great white hunter is taking a vacation day on Friday and we are off for a three day weekend to Northern AZ. I am really looking forward to this. He has been working some wicked hours lately under a lot of stress at work and we need a break. See you soon!


Beth said...

Have a good time up north..I hope it is not as cold as yesterday and no SNOW on the roads! Can you believe snow in AZ in May? amazing!

Granny Lyn said...

She is a beautiful lassie! How fitting in the Irish blood lines! I have a wee boat load of the blarney running in my veins, me-self! :-)

the peaches look yummy,,,but that rug has my fingers itchen to make my own!
have a great time away, me lassie,,,(sorry, i'ma goof)

Amelia said...

I have one of the Jim shore it a couple of years ago from Leon's daughter for Christmas. They are certainly pretty with all the detail work.

Fresh peaches just can't be beat. We have one old old tree (that has lost many branches) so don't get too many each year...then sometimes the freeze gets them. Anyway, I wind up freezing them for cobblers during the year. Oh, do they taste good that way.

Enjoy your mini-vacation.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Carol Van Rooy said...

Do post a recipe for the peach cobbler. It sounds delish.

Katie said...

I love peach pie. I make the inside of pie in the pie pan without the crust. After freezing it, take it out of the pan, wrap and return to freezer. When you want a pie, make a crust and pop in the frozen filling, then bake. They taste like fresh made pies.

Morah said...

I used to can SO MUCH STUFF! Reading about your peaches almost makes me miss it!!!! They look yummy!

Finn said...

Norma, it looks stunning! What a great job you are doing....and it's not hard at all, is it??? You worried too much my friend! So happy to see it growing for you in such a nice FLAT way!
Leslie at Pieceful Moments is doing one also, she sent me a link to hers..not sure if I have her on my sidebar or not. I'll 'e' you with the link, just in case. She's a left and its going well for her also *VBS*
Sorry about all the peaches, but how about that slicing them and freezing them without sugar, etc, to add to fruit salad? Or as a cold snack? Kind of like strawberries get frozen on a cookie sheet. I think Schwann's sells them that way, but bagged. Big hugs for a happy holiday away, Finn
P.S. Love the angel *VBS*

QuiltingFitzy said...

Ever try drying or dehydrating them? Oh yum!

Your rug is AWESOME!

Belvie said...

I love the Jim Shore stuff. I have some Christmas ornaments, but no angels.

Those peaches look delicious!! I use to do a lot of canning. I'm planning to try some on a smaller scale with items from my farmer's market this year.

I love your rug. You are making me want to start one too!