Friday, May 30, 2008

Time To Sew More Strips

I am making good progress on Julia's "shades of purple" rag rug. Using solid fabric in a set pattern seems to go a lot faster than using odds and ends and having a scrappy look. Or maybe it is because I have done one before? I sure do enjoy this.

Our sunflowers are blooming but they are about half the size that they normally are. We bought the same "mammoth" seeds but something happened, either the seeds are the wrong kind or weather conditions kept them small. No matter, we are enjoying them a lot and the birds will be just as thrilled when they are ready for them to eat. This patch draws lots of birds, we have seen a cockatiel for two years in a row. Wonder if he got away from his owner and is doing OK in the wild?

Here are this years, below is the picture from two years ago. I think there was a seed mix up somewhere along the line.

Julia and Colin have been here this week. They are in between regular school and a fun summer school program they are enrolled in, so off to Nana/Papa's house they go. We have had a great week, it has been cool enough to be outside in the morning and then we have done fun things in the afternoon. Below is a picture of the crafts they made using those fusible beads. If you are a Mom or Grandma, let me highly recommend these as a great thing to keep them busy. We started out with a set from Walmart made by Elmer's glue. This is the best one for the around five year old group because it has a clear base that you put the pattern under and then place the beads on it. Then a adult uses the iron to fuse them together. The other set came from Michael's (my Joann's has this brand also). The brand is PERLER. It has templates that are shaped and you look at a picture to make the design. Julia (7) had no problem with this but it was a little harder for Colin. What we did like about that set was the templates were in shapes and they could make their own designs.

Now we are going to read books...........we have been too busy all week and NANA wants to read!

Still waiting for the pool to get warm enough to get in. Our cool weather spell has been wonderful but not too great for warming up the pool water.


Granny Lyn said...

Boy, oh boy, Perler beads are a favorite around here, too, for all ages, from 3 to 16, and my 23 year old likes them, too,

I have had a busy week being Granny, too! don't ya just love that?

Amelia said...

I bet this has been a wild (yet wonderous) week with the little ones. Bet you slept good at night...the rug is really taking shape. How large do you plan on for this one?

The bead project looks like fun.

The sunflowers are pretty but I am like you I think the ones with the large center is much prettier than the ones you got this year...maybe a different kind of mammoth ?

Have a great weekend!


PS Our temperature is not as high as yours but we are scheduled for the 90's for the next 7 days.

jovaliquilts said...

The colors in the blue sky and those sunflowers would make a great quilt!

Your rug is looking good! And we still have holiday ornaments and coasters that my kids made 15 years ago with Perler beads. They loved them!

Belvie said...

Boy...the purple rug is getting large quickly. It's a pretty one too.

Your sunflowers are pretty even if they aren't as big. They are "happy flowers" to me.

The Julia and Colin that I think they did a wonderful job with their beads!

Purple Pam said...

Love that purple rug. The sunflowers are beautiful, even the smaller ones. I have always wanted to do a quilt with a sunflower pattern. Maybe when I retire!