Thursday, May 8, 2008

Second Try

I really didn't like the green in the first rug that I started using Finn's instructions so, made some scrappy strips and started over. This is a lot of fun and a great thing to do when you are watching TV.

I think it could be a shade rounder but for the first try I am happy and plan to keep going until I get a use able size rug. I found that hand sewing my strips is easier for me that using the sewing machine. I just never got a comfortable rhythm going sewing the 1/2 inch strips. If I do them by hand, they just take a couple of stitches and I am not dealing with threads. I might change that as I go along and get tired of hand stitching but so far, it is going along quite well.

Colin was here today and he was very interested in the whole process. We watched a movie this afternoon and he sat by me on the couch watching the strip sewing and then the crochet. When DD came to pick him up, he showed it to her and said, "Look what she is making!" My DD winked at me and asked him what it was? He said "I don't know, what is it, Nana?" Little guy has seen so much stuff going on here with his Nana that it no longer matters what it is, it just is. So now that he knows, he would like a rug for his room please. Someday, sweetheart, someday!


Amelia said...

Grandson thinks his "Nana" is special regardless of what she is doing. Love how colorful this is getting to be.

Carol Van Rooy said...

I'm with you. I like this one much better.

Are you going for a wall to wall rug... HEHEHE.

Finn said...

Hi Norma, thanks for letting me know you're on to the second 'go'. It looks WONDERFUL! And actually, it is almost round. I think the little raised places that 'jut' out just a tiny bit are where you increased. Look back and see if that's when you get a little 'raised up' spot. Sometimes that means you DIDN'T really NEED that increase. I sometimes pull the stitches out back to there and try it without that increase. It's amazing how few you need as you get further out. Some rounds you need lots, other rounds almost none.
As for the treads, if you have blunt scissors, let Colin give the rug a "haircut" while sitting next to you. I jus take my little scissons and snip them off during the moments I resting my eyes or hands.
All in all, it looks great! And yes, I also sew by hand really often. As you say, just a couple of stitches, and may I suggest you use a doubled thread. It's not necessary for strength, but with it doubled and knotted, the needle won't come untreaded and there is less chance of LOSING a needle in the strip mess. I also use a bigger needle that I really need to, just so I can keep track of it at all times!!
You're my BEST student yet!!! Big hugs, Finn
Remember in April of 2007, I posted pics of grandson NICK, at their Easter visit, he wanted to give it a try and I showed him how. No reason for boys not to learn's similar to making fishing nets. *VBS*

Granny Lyn said...

this one is awesome!! the last one wasn't bad, but I lvoe the scrappy-ness of the rug2 :-)

Colin has every right to be awed by Nana!! She did a great job!!